Andy - 2004-12-10 09:04:23
My wife is great about other women. She'll point out attractive women to me all the time. "Can we take her home?" I'll always ask.


Stick with the Pissboy stuff. I did a no brainer stint in between "real jobs" for about a year. It was fun, and I turned the whole thing around on my resume by pointing out to employeee that I was the type of guy who can and would do anything.
twobaddogs - 2004-12-10 09:18:14
I have been asked in the past as well if I would "do a threesome with her." It's usually not the same person I would choose for a threesome, since I always choose someone who will make me look pretty and thin by contast (e.g., Rosie O'Donnell). I agree with Andy. You're a rocking piss boy. You're a happy piss boy.
metanoia - 2004-12-10 09:28:49
INNER beauty, Unk Bob, INNER beauty. heh
Erika - 2004-12-10 09:31:42
Yeah, the deer. One of my neighbors has two moving lighted deer and one of those spiral trees inside his house. You can see them through his second-floor picture window. I think the trees/deer scenario is idiotic enough, but to put them INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, where deer (lit or otherwise) should never be found except on those So-Wierd-It's-True news expos, is just plain wrong.
Gumphood - 2004-12-10 09:41:44
I made out with Rosie Once. That's a true story.
Earthchild44 - 2004-12-10 10:09:17
You haven't met me yet. I know how to pick the pretty ones. My boyfriend always loves it when I point across the parking lot...."Look at those legs!" Hubba hubba!
Jenn - 2004-12-10 10:26:28
Bob, *I* can tell you if a woman is attractive. Trust me.
warcrygirl - 2004-12-10 11:56:41
Okay, I'll test my skills: Is it just me or does Eliza from Survivor look like Gollum?

All we have on our house is red and white icicle lights because that's all Hubby will do. I am SO not Christmasy this year.
Trixie - 2004-12-10 12:18:10
I know attractive women when I see 'em. I point them out to hubby, we take them home and do 'em. And I ain't gonna do no dog.
Lando - 2004-12-10 12:21:23
i've also had the same prob UB. i think the only women qualified to make an accurate assessment of other womens beauty are bi or gay.
Beth - 2004-12-10 12:23:09
Go Uncle Bob! All the electricity is A) Wasting power and thus bad for the environment, and B) Light pollution. Stick with wreaths and non-tacky things! Definitely might be talking about inner beauty there...
telisa - 2004-12-10 12:36:58
your more than a piss boy to me. (((((((((hugs))))))))))
Jen - 2004-12-10 12:43:28
The bleeping reindeer. My neighborhood is inundated with them as well. They don't look like festive holiday decorations, they look like a reindeer corpse is rotting on your lawn.
itsy - 2004-12-10 13:44:39
There's always one BIG hit decoration each year, and I guess this year, those are it. I've seen ones that their heads MOVE. Creepy if you ask me.
Spamneggs - 2004-12-10 16:36:58
"While beauty may only be skin deep, ugly goes clean to the bone"~Mother Teresa
Chad - 2004-12-10 16:41:09
I think it has to do more with personality. When women realise that it simply makes more sense to judge people on personal appearance, like men do, the world will be a slightly more comprehensible place.
Plop Phizz - 2004-12-10 18:57:30
Here's a theory that might work: the women your wife thinks are attractive look like you. -- P.P.
cosmicrayola - 2004-12-10 19:53:55
My neighbor has one of those lit reindeer too. The problem is, I live in a duplex and it is in front of OUR house. It isn't suppose to move, but I swear it gets closer to my car every morning. I'm about to "accidently" run over it.
liss - 2004-12-10 21:24:11
those reindeer are evil. we're rednecks and its too hot in florida to pretend its really christmastime. so we have a hunting decoy deer in our yard. he looks real. and you can shoot him and remove the arrows if you want!.. but we rigged a red light to his nose. i thought eliza from survivor looked like a big irritating mosquito, but yeah, gollum's female split personality all the way.
Stacy - 2004-12-10 23:11:06
Oh but Angelina Jolie and Brittany Murphey are SMOKIN' two women I'd like to have my way with. *drool* Those reindeer are nearly as bad as the fake deer statues that are up year round. I haven't put a single decoration.... time slipped away and its like nearly xmas and do I really want to bother. That's terrible, I love xmas.
Secret Santa - 2004-12-11 13:20:36
The illuminated reindeer skeleton lawn decorations are made popular by the same women who insisted that Rosie O'Donnel was a cute heterosexual. It's some sort of very, very sick conspiracy.

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