Barry - 2004-12-29 08:30:21
Hello....uh,is this thing on?
Andy - 2004-12-29 08:50:16
Hand over the piss and no one gets hurt.
Kelly - 2004-12-29 09:01:18
I think the next time that woman hands you a specimen, you open it up and throw it at her. What a rude heifer!
Pischina - 2004-12-29 09:18:19
Nah, save the throwing of the piss for the day you want to quit. That would be great!
Barb - 2004-12-29 09:22:00
Whay to go Uncle Bob!!!! You told HER!!!!
Genghis Jon - 2004-12-29 10:05:19
Holy Christmas crap, did you just buy me a gold membership??? Oh my God, I don't know what to say. Just when I was about to close up my diary and jump off that bridge, word gets to me that Bob bought my gold back. Later that day my hair started growing back, and my old girlfriend came back to me, and it's all because of you! Big, wonderful you. I'm gonna' go update right now, you've put new meaning into my life. Because of you I'll be hating Jews for years to come. God bless.
telisa - 2004-12-29 10:44:36
why do we all wait to long to reach out? (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))0
Squeakster - 2004-12-29 11:28:35
Piss boys are not supposed to be articulate. Restrain and humble yourself else be labled Psycho-Piss boy. Don't toss piss (or any other bodily waste/fluid) on (or at) anyone. I think it is felonious assault. It'll go on your "permanent record". How do I know? Well...
warcrygirl - 2004-12-29 11:30:09
C'mon Bob, everyone knows that Amerigo Vespucci discovered America. Columbus thought he was in India.

Kagerou - 2004-12-29 12:07:53
A quick search at Wikipedia reveals nothing about piss significant to 1568, which is a bit disappointing. I figured there was some kind of momumental event in the history of the noble profession of Piss Boy. But while researching the piss of 1568, I discovered that was also the year Oda Nobunaga ate Kyoto, which makes me happy because I couldn't remember the date he installed Ashikaga Yoshiaki. yay, Uncle Bob is indirectly educational.
Erin - 2004-12-29 23:42:48
I think you need to pull a Bree VanDekamp (Desperate Housewives), and open the jar of piss and throw it all over that woman. That'll teach her.
Chunk - 2004-12-30 06:16:19
You're not thinking far enough in the future UB. When you've had enough of hauling around number ones...and you're on your last week of should start dropping off samples to all the cuntmouths that have pissed you off in the job. For example, on your last day at Rude bitch's work, find an excuse to visit her lunchroom and leave a massive dogturd (with a coupla peanuts stuck in it for effect)..either in her microwave or coffee cup...
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