Squeakster - 2005-01-04 09:06:08
The slippage will never happen. I think they use adjesive.
Squeakster - 2005-01-04 09:08:12
The stress of seeing me post first forced the typo s/b adHesive (in case Kara is watching)
Bing - 2005-01-04 09:11:07
i thought 'adjesive' was just the spanglish version. like 'jose' (ho-zay) and 'jesus' (pronounced 'hay-zeus')
Andy - 2005-01-04 09:13:15
I have heard of toupee systems that use snaps. Snaps. One side of the snap is mounted to your skull, the other to the rug. I kid you not.

About 12 years ago, the cable channels were advertising a spray-on hair rememdy. It was just a spray paint that matched your hair colo. I guy at worked used it. From 30 feet away it looked ok. but get withing 10 feet and you can see that his scalp is actually painted to match his thinning hair color.
Kara - 2005-01-04 09:21:17
Squeakster: Adjesive is a MUCH better word!! So much more fun! :)
Barb - 2005-01-04 09:33:23
I thought the balding meant that the man had MORE testosterone than the others? Let me go google it.
awittykitty - 2005-01-04 12:03:20
At least if there was a lesbian around, she'd have a glue gun from Home Depot.
hydrogeek - 2005-01-04 12:31:57
When I was in high school, our principal got hair plugs. Mind you, this was a guy who was TOTALLY bald on top. His wife made sure that we knew what he was up to that day, so when he came back, we were all lining the halls clapping with hand drawn signs about the new and improved Mr. Baldy. Good times.
Azimel - 2005-01-04 13:37:17
Ack! Aging swinger person! At least he wasn't being too much of a creepy staring drunk guy at the party. And Barb is right: more testosterone = less hair. Erm... go Uncle Bob!
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2005-01-04 14:42:09
Good for you, UB, for not canceling out on the Carpenters crew on New Year's Eve. Everyone who told you to cancel was an inconsiderate dirtbag.
Barb - 2005-01-04 16:49:05
Just don't have more hair on your ass than on your head.
ScottyP - 2005-01-04 18:37:39
I thought an adjesive was a part of speech, used to describe a noun or pronoun.
MissMarm - 2005-01-04 20:48:20
Everybody knows that an adjesive is ONLY used to describes nowns and pwonowns!
ohyouknow - 2005-01-05 08:43:19
Our ex assistant principal tried that once.. I think he did it as a joke though... The football players kept tryin to pull it off... So there HAS to be something holdin it there.. *to the blading swinger person* the jig is up..the news is out!! we know all about you---
scruffymcduff - 2005-01-07 19:47:24
i once had a shop teacher who was almost totally bald at the end of the school year. when we came back after the summer break, he had thick dark hair plugs. he actually did look better, but it was still hard not to stare
peter - 2005-01-18 23:57:45
I saw a bodybuilder almost loose his toupee flexing & posing in front of a mirror in a

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