shannon - 2005-01-31 08:00:46
You'll have to post your we can see how tame you can be!
Barry - 2005-01-31 08:01:10
Give a kiss to the miss that hired you to truck piss...congrats Bob!
Plop Phizz - 2005-01-31 09:39:57
Maybe if you shot for the coveted title of "Piss Man" it would look better on the resume. Or just add more syllables: "Nitrogen Bio-Waste Transportation Engineer". -- P.P.
Joy - 2005-01-31 11:58:23
Congrats!! You better share your columns!
Sweet Reagan - 2005-01-31 12:17:21
Congrats Piss Boy, ... oh ... um ... oops ... I mean Uncle Bob! ;)
Andy - 2005-01-31 12:17:42
Pork who? Go UB!
nancy - 2005-01-31 13:42:47
just hope a new employer doesnt pull a job history from your SSN, that lists everywhere you made money...
Maggie - 2005-01-31 15:00:22
Poor Piss Boy. Have fun working for the Drunk Assed Boss ;)
Cruel-Irony - 2005-01-31 16:34:14
I'm glad you're happy to be back at the paper. Best wishes.
awittykitty - 2005-01-31 16:34:28
Good luck on your new old job. I worked and wrote for newspapers most of my life. They're great places for us creative types to work. :-)
ugh - 2005-01-31 19:49:23
blah blah blah blah = you. great to see you're going to write.
Dave B - 2005-01-31 23:10:34
All your resume is supposed to do is sell you to get a job. One should leave off jobs that would have nothing to do with getting them a job. Usually putting down your current/last job, any related jobs to the job in which you are putting the resume in for, and if you would think it helps, your longest lasting job if it isn't already up there to show that you have longetivity. No resume for a new job should ever be more than 2 pages. False information; that's what you can't do. Yea, so unless you're trying to get a job as a pooper scooper, I'd leave piss boy off.
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