Kelly - 2005-02-08 08:55:07
FIRST! muhaha.
Kelly - 2005-02-08 09:03:16
Boy, those military guys, they really know how to party. Re:Fantasia: I haven't heard the song. But, I grew up with a girl whose mom was 17 when she was born. Fortunately for Mom, Baby Daddy took responsibility, they got married, and will celebrate their 32nd anniversary this summer. However, daughter got pregnant twice and had two abortions before birthing her first daughter at (you guessed it) age 17. She had a son 20 months later, and twin girls 2 years after that, and the (so far) last daughter when the twins were 3. The Baby Daddy is/was in the picture but didn't work for more than a month and used all the welfare money for his various habits, and eventually left and got another girl pregnant. Baby Momma #1 lived in motels, mooched off family members, ruined her parents credit, and is 31 with absolutely no education or way to take care of herself and her kids. She DID have plenty of opportunities to better herself but, why, when society and her (loving) parents would let her be a lazy baby machine? It was a sad situation and definitely not something to be proud of. SHE made those choices. Now, the oldest daughter is almost 14 and I'm sure the cycle will start all over again, because it's been rumored that this girl has been sexually active for 2 years. Ugh.
HRT - 2005-02-08 09:27:41
I am man enough to know when I'm wrong, and when I'm right. My intial instincts were correct. You're a stand-up kind of guy UB. Some of what I inferred yesterday was blatantly incorrect, my bad shorty.

I know how you live for my approval.
Demora - 2005-02-08 10:10:05
Being sexually active, though obviously increasing your chances of pregnancy is not an absolute certainty of conception. The reason I disagree with such policies as are enforced in a lot of states right now about abstinence is because there is no sexual education coming with it. What I don'T understand is that in Quebec, one of the most sexually liberated cultures I know, sexual education starts in 5th grade; and yet, the nromal age range for having children, in women, is 28 years old! And that, with around 14 years of schooling. That means completing high school and getting around to complete your 2 years of junior college (most are two year programs). Abstinence programs do not work. They do not promote any sort of taking ons of responsibilities and are mostly scare tactics. Your body is your own, but if you don't know how to prevent misusing it or having problems later, simply because you do not have access to information or solutions, I think it is mostly the culture's approach to sex which is to blame.
Amy - 2005-02-08 10:24:02
OK. I swore I would't touch this again, but here I am. I did not have a baby in my teens. I received very graphic and decent sex education with an emphasis on STD prevention, condom use, and the mechanics of fertility and pregnancy. I was sexually active but very responsible, and armed to the teeth with information. If someone had preached abstinence to me, I would have laughed in their face. I liked fucking too much to quit. Fast forward about fourteen years to me at the age of twenty-seven. I was married, employed, and GOT KNOCKED UP BY ACCIDENT BECAUSE I WAS HAVING IRRESPONSIBLE UNPROTECTED SEX WITH MY HUSBAND. But hey, I was a grown-up and married, so it was OK, right? Sometimes a person's inner asshole doesn't surface until you have a child with them. My son's dad is in possession of just such an inner asshole, and is no longer with us. I make dirt at my job. I have an advanced degree, and I'm responsible, and my job is in the "skilled" sector, and it still doesn't pay enough. I'd take the damn public assistance if I qualified. Sometimes I let my kid eat cheezy poofs. Sometimes I yell at my kid, or overreact to something he does because I care too much about what people think, or otherwise blow it. Mostly I don't. I'm thiry-one. There are plenty of parents my age who are gripless fuck-ups. There are teen parents who are very capable. Be careful about your generalizations.
Good for you HRT - 2005-02-08 11:12:32
I read yesterday and thought you and a couple other posters were over the top. It looks like your the only one that's the real man/woman....
Petra - 2005-02-08 12:00:03
"If you're not man enough to be a father to the child you gave life to ... in either a day-to-day environment or by financial support ... you don't deserve to enjoy sex ever again." *sigh* Music to my ears, UB. I know just such an undeserving man. My husband is the "hood genocide" note leaver and I'd like to apologize to him...ramen does funny things to your head after eating it straight for 3 years. :)
me again - 2005-02-08 12:01:56
hmmm. the undeserving man isn't my husband...and I meant apologize for him, not to him. jeez. case in point on the ramen though. I pray for food stamps and booze every night.
Ann - 2005-02-19 18:08:36
Just to clear a few things up A Baby Mama is any female, any race, that is raising a child on her own due to any situation, divorce, death of a spouse, and yes having a child and not being married. The term was brought about when the child became more important to someone than the mother. Badge of Honor is not having the child but rasing the child. It's a beautiful thing when a woman can put that child first and sacrifice to make sure that child has the best she can offer. Yes indeed it is a honor to arrive at that point in life. I am a 43 year old Baby Mama that served my country for 20yrs in the USAF. I raised to Handsome young men who are now serving in the US Army and attending college. Yes I love Baby Mama because it was hard and I feel honored that I made it thru the struggle and sacrificed that my sons could be successful. I have never received welfare or child support I relate to that song so deeply because thru abuse my mother was a single parent she could not make the sacrifice to become a Baby Mama and gave us to someone else who was willing to become a Baby Mama (4 of us in all who have retired from the Army(2), AirForce and Marines and are successful in life Thats the real meaning behind the song. We should be celebrated for making it thru. By the way now that you know what a Baby Mama is, I bet there's a whole lot of them in your family that believe it should be a holiday to celebrate their struggle.
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