IV:XX - 2005-04-21 09:05:42
I'm glad that you didn't back dat ass up!
Andy - 2005-04-21 09:12:14
You know, if you're sick of doing private parties, maybe you could get a job playing music at the local nudie bar?

Of course, you'd have to grow a mustache and practice your real sleezy/cheesy voice....

"Ok...Hey! Let's give it for Brandy..Yea....Brandeeeeeeee!"
Tenshi - 2005-04-21 09:12:58
Blech. :\ Hand out free condoms next time - or free neuterings and spayings - we don't want those people reproducing...
Kathy - 2005-04-21 09:13:30
I say you invest in a portable pole. For all those stripper wannabes. You'll be the hottest DJ in town!
Barb - 2005-04-21 10:26:26
Don't forget to Lysol that pole...
The Boy - 2005-04-21 10:28:34
Fifth !! as in #5 is alive... ok really. UB needs a fire hose to cool-off the dance floor. At least you didn't have the smoke machine there to give you the vertigo effect of now knowing where you were standing. Next time get a 4-point harness as a protective measure near the balcony edge, it'll be a new fashion statement
Fuzzy Grey - 2005-04-21 12:23:13
Ugh... don't get me started...I was horrified to find out on this last cruise that I went on, that the only fast dancing my husband is comfortable doing is "freaking." Ya know, he told me he doesn't dance, and I just should have listened to him.
Squeakzilla - 2005-04-21 19:21:45
(After having seriously overslept) Alas, I too feel dirty when counting my money. I mean, money IS dirty, isn't it? I saw this old episode of Cops. The cops chased this crackhead into a building and up to the roof. On the roof they couldn't find the guy and the camera peered over the edge. The guy had jumped from a 4 story building and was laying unconscious on the street. The camera chased the cops back down to the street and when they got there, guess what? The crackhead had gotten up and was running away, down the street. It was the most funny and seriously frightening thing I had ever seen. The moral to the story is: Don't fear heights, smoke crack. (dozes back off into a vicodin slumber)
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2005-04-21 21:54:36
why on Earth would anyone build a patio with such a short railing to begin with? was the house originally built for midgets? weird.
Raven - 2005-04-21 22:51:07
oh my god. i'm afraid of heights too ... and i would have been just like you!!!

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