Julie - 2005-05-29 11:51:37
I JUST finished reading all the entries starting from the first one. Took me months, but that's because I didn't read 24/7.
Northstar - 2005-05-29 12:26:31
Fat kids shouldn't be encouraged at all. In fact, they shouldn't be given anything that might provide the slightest hint of happiness. Instead of Celine Dion, you should have played "Baby Got Back" and laughed at him.
vitamin c - 2005-05-29 13:56:10
Ok, so you haven't seen Dave but once in 24 years? And the first thing you do is watch videos? Men. Oh, this is for THE BOY. Third, bitches!
Shanester - 2005-05-29 14:28:56
I don't know how to feel about this Bob. I used to be that kid. I woulda mocked the shit out of him now, but if that fat kid was the younger me, you'd be brushing your teeth with a toothbrush that was recently IN my butthole. He he. Love, peace, and chicken grease Unc.
Hank - 2005-05-29 16:53:17
I went to a redneck wedding once. While the bride and groom fished for each other's tonsils, we were treated to a slide show of them on their dirt bikes.
Squeakzilla - 2005-05-29 18:52:54
Hilltopper! I didn't know that.
michelle - 2005-05-29 19:43:11
the crowes are fucking AWESOME live...have fun, UB! and keep yo hands offa kate!
rdc - 2005-05-30 02:18:37
Just so ya know, UB, I have a small tattoo on my shoulderblade, and when my sis got married, the other 2 bridesmaids got fake (good quality fake, cmon!) ones so we all matched. I know you care.
pickle - 2005-05-30 10:47:12
i too, have seen the wonder that is Jesco! that is some crazy shit. dancing outlaw, indeed.
Taura - 2005-05-30 20:59:15
Just thought that I would leave you a message to let you know that you are the only reason that I still come back to diaryland. You're the only diary worth reading! You should make it easier on me and move to Livejournal. :-) Thanks for the laughs, Taura.
ashley - 2005-05-31 01:27:22
the dancing outlaw is from WEST virginia and i have drank with him and seen his trailer jesco white is hilarious
IshKabibil - 2005-05-31 08:15:30
Were the Crowes at Jubilee? That's right I was in town this weekend. I was in Pratville Sunday for a dinner at my cousin's new house. Hell if I wasn't paying attention to where we exited since I wasn't driving.(I do all the driving there and back from Florida) Alas I didn't partake of Jubilee, but I did go to the fair in Tallassee, good times,hee!!
The Boy - 2005-05-31 10:13:16
Props to Vitamin C.... never can get enough, it's good for your health, and Celine Dion is NOT good for anything..poor call UB

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