Cousin-In-Law - 2005-06-23 09:56:35
Thanks for the "accidental" ass grab... I'll meet you in the double wide later. Do you want me to have me dentures in or out?
duvetgirl - 2005-06-23 10:21:50
Second! Welcome back, UB.
The Bitch - 2005-06-23 10:28:32
Third, now i'm lame like you guys...yay!
shh. - 2005-06-23 10:32:10
I have a friend who just finished a stint as a PA on the set of Reno 911!'s third and fourth seasons. There are some good times coming, friend. Paul "PeeWee Herman" Rubens in a girl scout uniform? Oh yes. Good times coming.
The Boy - 2005-06-23 10:38:27
Hot Springs in the hizzou !! way to rock... all those fireworks BEFORE July 4th... imagine what you can do for the REAL celebration... Roman Candle casserole ?
Kitty - 2005-06-23 10:39:48
LoL looks like the cousin in law was first, UB. ;) I never really liked that "Sideways" movie, it was kinda disturbing...but the wine info was cool. Sounds like you had a roaring good time at the reunion, my family reunion is in 2 weeks. Crap.
vitamin c - 2005-06-23 11:05:21
Welcome back, UB! Any news on baby Matthew?
Perry Como - 2005-06-23 11:46:42
Screw you, beeyotch! When I first came on the scene, I blew them all away with my crooning; twarn't a dry seat in the house! And I.... I.... where's my martini.... damn Tony Bennett, scooping up all of the gigs... why, in my day... zzzzzzzzzz
Blue Meany - 2005-06-23 11:56:30
Totally with you on the hugging -- when I was home on leave, my parents had a huge party for me with EVERYONE we know ... and I swear my entire upper body was numb by the end of the night. As were my cheeks from the grin that was eternally plastered upon my face. So, yeah. I feel ya pain, brutha.
chocolate chaos - 2005-06-23 15:17:45
yea perry there were no dry seats in the house cause they didnt have depends then haha
Barb - 2005-06-23 15:43:36
Oh CHocolate, your are SO bad! Good entry UB! I needed a laugh today1
Fuzzy Grey - 2005-06-23 16:46:41
TWELFTH!!! Though.. you know... I was soooo confused the other day when I saw there were 0 comments. For just one brief moment, I thought it was gonna be me... but no... but you know what? My world didn't end when I realized comments weren't on. In fact, it was oddly satisfying because that's just not me... I'm not a "first" person.
Divaah46 - 2005-06-23 21:36:23
Oh Uncle poor man. Which laws of Man and God did you have to break to get through that vacation?
Frank Sinatra - 2005-06-23 22:07:16
Perry Como, you can kiss my crooner's white a**. I'm the big kahuna around here.
Petra - 2005-06-24 02:19:20
LOL, I can't wait until you're in a retirement home, waving your withered hand in front of your scaly toungue while you hack on "firecracker chicken." LOL. You're going to hell in a handbasket, but I love ya.
Notorious B.I.N.G.O. - 2005-06-24 03:16:08
There goes my theroy that Andrew gives you a free Supergold membership for being one of the biggest draws on DLand.
pastagirl - 2005-06-24 08:55:32
I'm a relatively new reader, just wanted to say this entry was hilarious!! LMAO!!
Susan - 2005-06-27 12:33:35
Umm... I wont be drinking Merlot any time soon either. Thought I was the only one who saw that movie.... NICE Uncle Bobs

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