Barry - 2005-10-31 08:42:57 could tell Andrew that you are going as "Clifford!"
awittykitty - 2005-10-31 08:53:17
I know how useful my plastic Jee-zus keychain made in Taiwan was as a preschooler. Although I did prefer Lucky Charms out of the box.
Andy - 2005-10-31 09:13:21
Should have dressed little Andrew up as Jesus, a-la passion of the christ, scorged bloddied and bleeding and carrying a cross.
Meany - 2005-10-31 09:32:23
Your costume sosunds better than mine -- I'm dressed as a disgruntled deployed soldier ... along with everyone else on this fucking camp. No tolerance for thinking outside the box, here!
Shizanester - 2005-10-31 09:35:49
UB, you're tha man. I said you weren't deliverin wit tha swearin, and BAM, you're all over that shit. Thanks for the laughs Bob. Keep it up. Love, peace, and chicken grease!
Payoolay - 2005-10-31 11:02:33
What's W.W.J.D. an acronym for?
robin - 2005-10-31 11:16:52
are you kidding? you apparently don't live in the biblebelt. What Would Jesus Do. There's a lot of room for play on that meme. My favorite is a country song called "What Would Wilie (Nelson) Do."
Andy - 2005-10-31 11:34:50
I'm pretty certain that WWJD = What Would Jepetto Do?
Mary Mag - 2005-10-31 12:45:36
I "Know" it's WHO WOULD JESUS DO?, and the answer is not me! I think the Dudes gay.
saidnot - 2005-10-31 12:50:24
Too bad about the burn. Put on a striped sweater and claim to be DJ Freddy Kruger.
DanjerusKurves - 2005-10-31 13:08:44
I had boobjob surgery last week so my costume was "Post-op patient"... only not really.
The Boy - 2005-10-31 13:27:50
Twelfth.... I had to post it because the word looks soo weird !! lfth looks like a typo. Anyway... Jesus would have put some aloe on his face and healed the sunburn faster...
Barb - 2005-10-31 13:58:05
I think Jesus would have given UB a hat next time. Or a big cloud floating over his DJ space. Pray about it next time Bobbie. Ask and you shall receive.
Squeakzilla - 2005-10-31 16:41:18
Andrew looks like the poster boy for one-eyed pirates world-wide. He is demonstrating with his "good" eye, why he wears a patch on his other eye.

WWJD? Wild Women - Jack Daniels!

There's another Squeakzilla that lurks about. "He" is surely NOT ME!
marie - 2005-10-31 22:17:57
funny blog it makes my day seem better... thanks for he laughter
Jamie - 2005-11-01 19:14:36
Aaaaw, poor Alabamam boy. It's too warm in november. Man, here in BC we have to throw the first trick-or-treaters we get into the fireplace so our titties don't freeze off.
Payoolay - 2005-11-02 10:36:35
No, I don't live in the Bible Belt (thank God - no pun intended) ... I live in Canada ... :)

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