darius - 2005-11-09 08:35:37
Last? Damn, I never could get the hang of being one of those dumbasses who always says "F!RST!!!11!!!" on message boards. Present company excluded, of course.
Humungus - 2005-11-09 09:19:19
Second to last! Woot Woot!
Barb - 2005-11-09 09:45:30
Somewhere in the middle!
The Boy - 2005-11-09 09:58:42
'tards.... Fourth. and I like "Bitter UB" better than punk-ass UB. keep it up
Fifth!!!!Fived?Fourth to last???Whatever.... - 2005-11-09 10:20:18
I think you should guest answer on Smart and Sassy. It would be a hoot!
Kay - 2005-11-09 12:14:44
Well since the gals say they will never have a guest host, I guess one of them could "will" you their place should they give it up. You could be the testosterone no nonsense one.
Patricia, aka Perry Como's German Crack Whore - 2005-11-09 13:47:07
I can't believe you told me to become a crack addict. I mean, duh, been there, done that
Fuzzy Grey - 2005-11-09 14:34:16
Your answers were neither smart nor sassy. More like ign'nt and contrived. You know, you're funnier when you're not trying to be funny. You sound like an ass otherwise. Have a great day!
michelle - 2005-11-09 19:16:07
you've just now stumbled upon the wisdom of jane, nance and robyn? sheesh...

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