Jenna - 2005-11-15 09:52:48
Awwww. Don't you just love when they do this?
Perry Como's German Crack Whore - 2005-11-15 11:21:56
Yay for Andrew!! UB, you'd be just as happy if you were a Vietnamese immigrant, too. Also, it's "trouper" -- as in a circus troupe whose members have to work well together to pull off their death-defying acts.
Nysha - 2005-11-15 14:57:42
Awww, your little boy is growing up. Kind of bittersweet, really.
The Boy - 2005-11-16 09:37:34
Don't worry UB, you ARE hung like a good jewish boy. and perry como's whore is wrong.. it is trooper, as in soldier, as in keeps soldiering on under stress.......FOURTH!
justme - 2005-11-16 16:03:37
Nope. Perry's whore was right. "troup·er Pronunciation: 'trü-p&rFunction: noun1 : a member of a troupe; especially : ACTOR 2 : a person who deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint -------------------------------
The Boy - 2005-11-16 18:06:32
Fuck you both... it is trooper, as in soldier. go jam the book up the crack-ho's ass

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