Meany - 2005-11-17 08:02:53
Tara Reid is a skank. And thank you, "dirty shitwalker" is just the term I've been searching for to describe everyone who has ever annoyed me, ever.
Erin - 2005-11-17 08:04:17
When you mentioned "dirty shitwalkers" I thought they were one of the many people that wake up in the middle of the night to take a dump, then try to crawl back into bed with you, when they were too tired to wipe properly or wash their hands, and smell like fucking shit! Not that its' ever happened to me, but you know, i've heard stories...
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-11-17 09:31:58
If you want to get a woman fired up and pissy with you, just say that any of the following women are hot: Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carrey or Angelina Jolie* The response that will come back at you will undoubtedly include at least one of the following words: "skank", "whore", "nasty" and/or "slut"

*There have been occasions where I've seen some women accept Angelina as hot, but they most likely hate her for what she did to JENNIFER!).
Whiney O'Pisspants - 2005-11-17 09:51:56
Hey Fellow UB Readers!!! Whatsup? Me, I'm just whining while i piss my pants!! Bye for now!
Andy - 2005-11-17 10:05:25
Shit walker? Huh, I use the word Bitch. It works well. Once I called her a word that began with the letter "C" but, I only made that mistake once, and only once.

Don't forget to mention in your Ads that you are the only DJ that offers the entertaining and dangerous Laser/Bubble/Snow Machine of death.
Me - 2005-11-17 10:27:46
Why is your wife going to work with a contagious virus? Not nice >:( Also, "Dirty shitwalker" made me snort coffee up in my nose. Thanks for that.
Kara - 2005-11-17 11:26:28
Andy: my boyfriend made that mistake once too. And only once. He now has one nut. Need I say more?
jenn - 2005-11-17 12:10:33
big pimpin... i think i want angelina more than you do..and lindsey was hot with the red hair. i think if you want to piss a woman off, tell her you wish she looked more like Pam.
babs - 2005-11-17 13:16:30
Andy, it's Laser/Bubble/Snow Machine o' Death. You'll never make it in advertising...
Annie - 2005-11-17 13:39:17
Mariah Carey? Really? Huh. Doesn't so much piss me off, but rather it baffles me completely.
Jessica - 2005-11-17 14:10:34
I find more girls than guys find Angelina hot. She is way hotter than Tara. Tara is a drunk, widely known to do coke and has frankenboobies. Quite unfortunate.
DanjerusKurves - 2005-11-17 15:55:38
I don't care which celebrities men think are hot. Those men don't stand any better chance with me than they do with those chicks. It's all good... :D
DanjerusKurves - 2005-11-17 15:56:37
I don't care which celebrities men think are hot. Those men don't stand any better chance with me than they do with those chicks. It's all good... :D I would like to know, however, how you can be a boozehound and stay skinny? all those empty calories ... I must know this secret!!
Chris - The Original Chris - 2005-11-17 16:42:27
Secret to drinking........Bacardi & Diet Coke...or 151. No sugar!
Andy - 2005-11-18 08:50:17
No, I don't think the skinnyness can be atrributed to Diet Coke. I think it's just plain old coke. Columbian.
The Boy - 2005-11-18 11:05:12
all that Skank talk and NO GERMAN CRACK WHORE ?!!... oh, SIXTEENTH... and I'm still hot for Angelina since Hackers. Brad's a wuss for leaving his wife
Chunk - 2005-11-19 03:54:28
Angelina's got lips like a prolapsed asshole and Tara's boobies are (as Jessica said) fucking disgusting. Just remember three rules when advertising, Lie, Lie, and Lie some more. 150000 songs! 50 trillion watts! Easy Karaoke! No one will check and no one will expect you to be telling the truth.
nanamama - 2005-11-21 00:00:12
I've read your journal enough to know that you "hate old people", but I'm just an older lady and You would definitely love me. Dirty Shitwalker is just the term I've been looking for. Mostly for people that I hold in very low regard. You do have a waaaay with the english language Uncle Bob and I;m here to say "Git'er'done!!! You always make me laugh and that is a very "Good Thing"!! Nanamama

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