Sara - 2006-01-03 07:38:15
at least he didn't bust out with "damn bitch fuckin," which was MY first swear... followed shortly by "fuckin' idiot." Those came straight from good ol' mom. I hope the family health improves swiftly. Happy New Year!
Barb - 2006-01-03 07:47:41
Glad you're back UB. Thought maybe you fell down a mine or something.
Jenni - 2006-01-03 08:51:27
That sounds just like my neice. After months of listening to her dad in the garage she walked up to him with a cut finger and said "Damn it Daddy, Damn it." They all quickly learned the word OOPS. LOL
Andy - 2006-01-03 09:11:00
uh, you're concered about that your rugrat says "Damnit", but you watch Family Guy togethor?. You know, just becasue it's a cartoon, and has "Family: in the title, doens't really make it a "family cartoon". Fox had to fight to get it a PG14 rating.
HeHe - 2006-01-03 10:29:47
Kids say the darnest things. My nephew spewed F%#@ You constantly when he was a year old. Sis and Bro-In -Law taught him that. Don't blame youself for the song fau paux as you didn't know. Hope you all have a hppy new year and family gets well soon.
westburian - 2006-01-03 10:30:35
'taint nuthin a bar of Ivory soap won't fix. Unless of course your kids weird and likes the taste of soap.
Meany - 2006-01-03 10:42:21
Ha ha. He said "taint."
Sandra - 2006-01-03 10:44:40
"What do you do?" I'd say a good start would be NOT watching Family Guy together. I love the show but would I watch it with my five year old daughter? Absolutely not. Why not watch Arthur with Andrew? I think it's the most intelligent kid's show on TV without a trace of pandering and sappiness. Get it together, UB.
The Boy - 2006-01-03 10:50:02
wussies.... you should have gotten Andrew the complete DVD set of Dave Chappelle and sit down and watch it with him... after the 24 hour south Park Marathon....and call it "Christian Camp" then send him off to church Daycare. he can tell the class what he learned at Christian Camp.... and get you a better seat on the Express Train to Hell with that kid from the Party that punked you with the song.
Calm Canuck - 2006-01-03 15:47:04
Man, I feel uncomfortable watching Family Guy with my 17-year-old son!
Chris - The Original Chris - 2006-01-03 19:19:28
Hmmmm....I feel like a tard........or maybe a prude....what is Sudoku? I went to click on the site (i'm at work) and I was denied access...what is it?
chillier - 2006-01-03 20:34:28
I love you Uncle Bob!
To The Original Chris - 2006-01-03 21:28:31
I believe Sudoku is a number crossword type puzzle.
Chris - The Original Chris - 2006-01-04 14:53:42
Molly - 2006-01-08 12:20:13
Yikes - both you AND your wife play "sudoku?" I just looked it up, and it gave me a headache - I was an English major...

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