fishy - 2006-01-04 07:43:27
First!! I'm sorry, you don't know me but i love being first =P ps i read your diary it's hilarious! =)
Andy - 2006-01-04 08:56:08
Bob, bob, bob, bless you for making a crazy lady's day. Next time ask her about bank statments, SS checks, and signing a power of attorney letter.

Maybe you and Andrew could spend some quality father-son time and watch a show with a little bit of redeeming social value, such as "The Shield" or "Nip Tuck"?
Ami - 2006-01-04 09:41:36
"Don't you judge me, Earl." How sad that I totally got that :(
Only one perished - 2006-01-04 12:50:50
and twelve survived. I'm not a coal miner's daughter......
vitamin c - 2006-01-04 13:03:54
"Don't you judge me, Earl" Bwah! Tomorrow The Office comes back too! Yes!
Loretta Lynn - 2006-01-04 13:22:22
No, UB had it right. 12 perished, as you so delicately put it, and only 1 survived. He's in critical condition at a hospital in Morgantown. I was horrified to hear the news this morning after learning last night around midnight that 12 were still alive.
Fuzzy Grey - 2006-01-04 16:07:45
Why would one be sad that they "got" "Don't you judge me, Earl"? It's a popular CURRENT show. It's not like the show was on 50 years ago and Uncle Bob pulled the quote out of his ass. DAMMIT people annoy the crap out of me sometimes.
Carrie - 2006-01-04 17:45:30
I really like working at McDonald's LOL. It pays the bills :)
Not the coal miner's daughter - 2006-01-04 18:58:26
wow, that blew me away. My heart breaks for all the families who were rejoicing because someone screwed up and said they were alive.
Megan - 2006-01-04 21:15:02
Thanks, Fuzzy Grey. I was thinking the same thing.
Squeakzilla - 2006-01-05 13:36:10
Most of the elderly like to give things away. My cousin just stopped by yesterday and showed me a grocery bag on her back seat that an elderly friend had given her. It was filled with lemons. Not fresh ones mind you, but moldy old lemons. Also, I was once given stale cookies by an elderly neighbor.
Chunk - 2006-01-06 03:39:43
So you're from Gaybar Idaho?
Andy - 2006-01-06 11:46:40
Most of the elderly like to give things away.

So very true. The 75 year old lady down the road geve me chlamydia
Mel - 2006-01-06 12:01:14
Apparently Uncle Bob's resolution this year was to write shitty, mind-numbingly boring entries.
Dogpile on Mel - 2006-01-06 22:59:11
nice job, Mel. And apparently your resolution this year was to share your in-depth analyses of Uncle Bob's entries without a trace (apparently) of irony. On behalf of the UB Nation, go get yerself a Cleveland Steamer.
Mel - 2006-01-07 17:59:38
I would, but your mom is ahead of me in line for that, and you know how much she loves her Steamers. I'll be lucky if there's any left when she gets done. Shucks.
ZeiZaoLS - 2006-01-08 18:11:56
Steamy goodness? Sign me up dude! On completely unrelated news, glad you're back Not-Really-My-Uncle Bob, was missing a bit of that "I'm bored as hell right now" comedy that I generally fixed momentarily with your diary thinger.

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