awittykitty - 2007-08-10 10:53:57
I'm still at a loss at what the big ta-doo is about the Beckhams is too. The Spice chick looks like the female version of the Crypt-keeper. Does she ever smile? This ain't a photo shoot honey for the terminally constipated. Meh, this too will fade just like the Spice Girls did, bitch.
Betchy - 2007-08-10 11:17:16
I know it must be kind of annoying if you're an american, but believe me, the Beckhams are a huge deal over here. You're sick to death of it after a few weeks? Try 10 FUCKING YEARS of it!!! And what Miss Kitty above me is saying above me about it fading? It wont fade. Believe me. It doesnt fade. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger. You have to just get used to them now I'm afraid. Enjoy.
Touchy - 2007-08-10 14:31:12
Betchy - did you just put a capital letter on "Beckhams", but not "American?" Please tell that was a typo...a MAJOR typo! :)
Argentum - 2007-08-10 16:04:36
Posh Spice will fade like a stale fart into the wind. It wont be too long from now. It'll happen. The name is already out there...old spice. There's a time limit on her talentless approach to fame.
Squeakzilla - 2007-08-10 18:40:59
Damn, you guys are BRUTAL or maybe the beckhams are just an easy target (missing cap intended). I remembered there was something I intended to TiVo, but I couldn't remember exactly what it was. Now I know it was the two Coreys and I'm glad I forgot. Weeds season premiere shortly though.
Sandy - 2007-08-10 22:23:37
The only ones that are fans of the 2 coreys are...the 2 coreys.
vitamin c - 2007-08-11 12:56:22
Oh, man! How I have missed your hatred of (Shut up!) Corey! If you are bored, feel free to recap an epi!
Sylvia - 2007-08-11 18:32:26
Victoria Beckham cannot smile because she has had so much plastic surgery that her mouth will not move. I guess that you could call her a real "Barbie." Beckham's mistake was leaving London and joining the "Cruise" freak show in Hollywood. In London, he was somewhat cool, but now he and his wife are just loonies. She always was anyway.
Squeakzilla - 2007-08-16 22:09:53
Ok, I just got back from reading some vintage UB and I just gotta say for those of you who don't know, UB is a monster god of funny from back in the day! In view of his recent entries, here's a blast from the past that's more profoundly moving and touching than funny, but classic UB just the same: CHECK IT OUT! (It'll be just my luck that Bob'll update tomorrow and no one will see this OR and this is the BEST BET, I'll screw up the HTML and the link won't work anyway. So, I'll put the link my name and if you want,you can click on that to get there too)
Dweeble - 2007-08-16 23:04:39
Squeakzilla, thanks for that reference (yes, the link did work), and I hope UB read his old post, too. As the father of three boys, I understand the joys, the frustrations, the pleasure my wife can't understand of stupid wrestling, underarm "farts", etc...
Kay - 2007-08-16 23:45:12
Gah! Thank you UB! I have searched the internet to find out why everyone is so interested in the fekkin' Beckhams what the hell? Spice Girl's is about as talked about as Milli Vanilli. Corey Feldman has that "smack me" face and his wife needs to lose the clinginess and the 45 year old Texas housewife hairdo.
oneyedog - 2007-08-17 13:13:33
Thanks, Squeakzilla! I've needed to have a good cry and that old entry sure did the trick - but it's a happy-happy cry and those are okay. It's so strange to fast forward to the future and know that (1.) It was a boy (2.) That he's happy, gorgeous, and loved. (And right now UB is thinking - well, yeah, but what about my son?) Sheesh!
sinnamon - 2007-08-28 20:01:03
Slutbag. Is that German?

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