Cosmic - 2008-04-02 09:44:28
I think it's all moot anyway. I think Michael John is going to run away with it. He has it all. He has stage presence, maturity and looks. I agree with your take on Amanda though. I said I liked her, but she was starting to get to me. She was starting to sound pretty much the same in all her songs. But for that same reason, I think Dreadlock boy will get the ax soon too. He is starting to remind me of one of those hula dolls you would put on the dash or read rindow of the car and watch the head bobble back and forth. I really still like Carly, though. I don't think she scares you. I think she reminds you of a Dominatrix and it scares you that she totally turns you on.
ArgyBargy - 2008-04-02 10:27:50
Now *there's* the old UB we've all come to fear and loathe!
Elwood - 2008-04-02 11:55:24
I was never picked last at Dodgeball, but it was never really my game to start with. I was more of a Capture the Flag kind of guy. And to think I bought you gifts off your wish list once... Ah...can't hate you forever. Keep up the good work, UB.
awittykitty - 2008-04-02 13:30:35
Damn, the one time I don't comment and I could have been bitch slapped by Uncle Bob. All because I don't like "American Idle"...errr.."Idol". I guess because I was watching the much more sophisticated gayboy show "Dancing with the Stars".
The big swede - 2008-04-02 17:36:04
I have to agree with AngryBargy... Just wanted to let you know that. (On a sidenote - Fear and loathing is a personal favorite of mine as well and i did get it pretty early on.) Now, enough of this. Give us more of your wisdom... I demand it! Oh, and have some space-cake while you're at it. I've got a feeling you're about to enter a neohippie state. ;)
dudegetagripseriouslykthx - 2008-04-03 01:23:01
there's my UB! therrre he is! such a good lil puppy! i knew all i had to do was throw him the right bone...speaking of which, i would try your pencil sharpener suggestion, but, being female, i'm pretty sure the crank handle would get in the way...
Chris - The Original Chris - 2008-04-03 18:27:49
I <3 UB. I also love not An Airplane.....a way cool indie band over here on the left coast.
saidnot - 2008-04-04 11:28:19
Michale Johns would be a lot better singer on the radio ... where I don't have to watch him making facial expressions like UB suddenly became un-infatuated with Jason.
Lisa - 2008-04-05 10:07:31
Yea! I'm the smartest person in the world! Too bad I couldn't type Okkervill correctly. Damn fingers going ahead of my brain . . .
ringostarr - 2008-04-06 00:14:31
UB you should check out a band called Left Lane Cruiser. Slide guitar and drums duo. F*ckin killer!
Tracie - 2008-04-06 23:01:52
With all due respect, Mr. UB, there actually is a difference between high functioning autism and Aspergers, and it has to do with language acquisition. Both Aspergers kids and HFA kids have the lack of ability to read social cues and all that, but the HFA kids also have trouble with processing and just learning to talk in the beginning, which is why they are usually identified as being on the spectrum earlier than Aspergers kids, who often present as pretty normal till the social stuff crops up at school. My daughter is very high functioning and a lot of people just think she's "quirky", but her ability to have a conversation is really limited far beyond just not noticing that the whole world doesn't want to talk about lizards or whatever for an hour at a time -- she can't process what's being said to her or formulate spontaneous answers without a lot of work, and doesn't see the point of doing so most of the time either. I do admire her ability to say the hell with the rest of the world :-) I love Jason Castro too, and it's *because* of his goofy facial expressions. I do worry there will be a weed scandal pretty soon, though. But he probably calls it grass, in the old hippie style.
Kevan - 2008-04-07 12:14:08
"Second smartest person on the internet" is going on my business cards.
Imalittletwisted (JORDAN REIMER) - 2008-04-07 23:31:34
SUP UB! I love your stuff. i don't care how hard you can become on yourself (i give myself props for saying hard an come in the same sentence) (sorry. i had to) ANYWAY point of comment is to say that indie music rocks.... try (if you haven't already) Neutral Milk Hotel i <3 them! Also, just coz im a slut when it comes to advertising my OWN music, you should really listen to me hoppppe you enjoy! -Jordan
Jamie - 2008-04-08 13:33:00
I haven't watched an iota of American Idol, but in retrospect to your last post, what's-his-face looks a bit like that Hanson kid. You know, the doll faced one.
Squeakzilla - 2008-04-08 16:01:43
I've been told that before, but in a different way. Something about a "veritable cesspool of knowledge"! For what it's worth, HST and I graduated from the same high school (he nearly 20 years earlier) I had hardly the chance of catching up with his partying, but I still tried (for awhile) UB, you are a (living) LEGEND!
Dana - 2008-04-12 17:12:53
I'm so glad you're not leaving. Yet. I've been reading for years now, and you scared me on that last one. :)

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