Anne - 2008-04-11 08:15:42
Eh, give him time. My girls like all of it, even the stuff with the screaming vocals. To me, its like opera. I can deal with the music, but not what they do with the human voice. Classical can be a gateway drug, heh....
artgnome - 2008-04-11 09:17:30
GO Andrew! I think it's only way for his generation to rebel. heh. Rock with the classics!
sabrina - 2008-04-11 10:27:09
Sound like my daughter, when she was 7 she told me her favorite song was the Four Seasons. I didn't remember hearing anything like that from Disney channel or Nick. Turns out she was taking about Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." Now she is taking cello lessons after school and loves it. She also has some learning/attention issues but is keeping up with the other kids. It is nice to hear something besides Hannah Montana all the time.
Vanessa - 2008-04-11 10:44:42
Awww, maaaan. They're already calling off school? Only a matter of time, then, for us in T-town. What a pain in the ass. Does your Chicken Little start shedding clothes -- jacket, then sleeves rolled up -- as the weather threat gets more and more serious? Ours does.
saidnot - 2008-04-11 11:53:04
Hey UB ... You totally forgot the morning that we actually DID have severe weather and the flippin' school buses were still picking up kids in the middle of it! I'm with you. I understand they want the kids to be safe, but all these early school closings seem a lot more like someone in the school offices wanting off work early. MEANWHILE: You better start planning for the millions that will be made on the movie of Andrew's life. ;-)
awittykitty - 2008-04-11 13:25:06
We get a lot of the Snowstorms of the Century weather reports up in Upstate NY. You go to the store and people look like they're about to experience the freakin' Apocalypse. I would be more nervous in tornado country though.
Pam - 2008-04-11 14:05:37
UB, have you started writing a book about Andrew yet? The kid's got it going on! BTW, thanks for the info about Asperger's. I found some good info online, and e-mailed it to my in-laws.
fran - 2008-04-11 14:17:54
Don't be surprised by Andrew's preference of music, all music, especially classical, is very mathematical.....that may be the unconscious or subconscious appeal. Does Andrew enjoy math?
Ali - 2008-04-11 17:23:12
I HATE when the schools get out early because maybe, there might be bad weather, but I understand why they do. It's all about liability, and how they know that if something DOES happen, and a child is injured, the school will be sued. So they figure hey, better that it happen on your watch than theirs.
Lance Yelvington - 2008-04-12 11:19:22
Pablo Cruise. Now THAT'S music. Crank a little "I Go To Rio" for him and watch what happens. Damn. I need a quaalude.
Rox - 2008-04-12 15:57:04
Out here in Southern California, we have STORMWATCH 2008!!!!!!!!! All television stations go to 24 hour coverage when the first drops start to fall. You can almost see all the weather people doing little dances while they tell you about possible flooding and mudslides. Then the clouds go away and everything goes back to normal.
Cosmic - 2008-04-12 16:14:52
My brother is still in southern Maine. So far this winter, they have had over 150 inches of snow. Now There is a reason co cancell school, but rain????
ArfGang - 2008-04-14 15:08:29
Beat them with a turnip?
Doug - 2008-04-14 17:30:16
I can remember the first time I picked up my son's Ipod. Much of it was either classical music or the stuff I listened to growing up.
shoshana - 2008-04-15 01:10:14
Another serving, please.
beth - 2008-04-15 22:31:28
andrew is seven. that's so mind boggling. it's been a while since i've dropped in, since my brief foray into the real world. i don't recommend the real world by the way. it's weird out there. but anyway, SEVEN. i've been reading this blog a long damn time.
rubytramp - 2008-04-16 02:11:02
Here in Western Michigan our damn local weather report is called "SEVERE WEATHER ALERT" or something equally asshatish. I'm a NYer - I can't get used to this panic now and then sit and have a nice cup of McDonald's Sweet Tea on the lake shore. when we panic, we run, preferably away from the tall buildings. When Andrew starts wearing powdered wigs - then maybe you should worry.

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