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5:43 a.m. - 2001-09-15



As I go through the messages and emails that are still taking me to task for being angry over this tragedy, I'm also being told by the media that the feelings I'm having are natural.

Last night on NBC, they had a segment where people are angry and everyone was saying that's great...BE ANGRY.

Yet, when Uncle Bob...arguably one of the angriest guys in Diaryland...decides to finally show his anger in his own way, the self-righteous, politically correct come jumping out of the woodwork, disecting my entries sentence by sentence and pointing out just how ignorant I am on the situation.

Some of you are right...before Tuesday, I couldn't tell you the difference between an Islam and a Muslim. I couldn't tell you what the hell a Taliban is or the difference between an Arab and an Afghanistan.

Hell, I still can't. Before Tuesday, I had no reason or cause to understand the difference.

And I don't care. The only people I would like to see punished are the ones responsible.

To the best of my knowledge, that's bin Laden and his followers.

That's it. Leave everyone else alone.

I may have accidently led people to believe that I want innocent babies killed and mothers strung from trees, because a lot of you are acting like I said such things.

I never did.

I don't always say things the correct way. I'm not the most politically correct person in Diaryland. I never claimed to be and I think that's what people like about me. I don't sugarcoat my feelings ... I don't censor myself ... I hurriedly type out my thoughts and I don't proofread my stuff.

When I'm angry, it shows.

And perhaps you're not as angry as I am.


Guess what? That puts you in the minority of Americans. Take a look at the polls...80 percent of Americans are ready to bust caps in Taliban asses. Watch the TV...politicians, psychologists, therapists are all's okay. Anger in a situation like this is inevitable.

If you're NOT angry, something's wrong with you.

Maybe I don't put enough sugar on my anger for some of you people.

I never have.

And I doubt I ever will.

And some of you have taken me to task for all the crap I say about "This is my website, if you don't like it, don't read it...don't write anything nasty about me on my message board, blah blah blah."

Telling me to practice what I preach.

Granted, I can see how that would come across as unfair. I can write all I want here about what I want and I don't want to read your rebuttals.

My suggestion is to put them on your own damned websites.

Some of you have. I've seen quite a few diaries that have put the smackdown on what I've said here over the last few days. One guy came up with the insanely original "Uncle Bigot" which I tried to read, but the guy was so fanatical and long-winded that I got bored with his manifesto against me and closed the window. It's not like anyone reads his site anyway so it's no skin off my back.

That's fine people. More power to ya. Rip me apart on your own sites. That's your priority.

But this is MY site. I don't trash other Diarylanders here (unless they strike first) and try to make them feel bad because they're not writing what I think they SHOULD be writing on their sites.

The one thing we as Americans should be right now is united.

Not bitchy and nasty towards each other.

You know what?

This inevitable war can be avoided.

Think about it...we don't HAVE to go to war.

Innocent people, both American and Afghanistan do NOT have to die over this tragedy.

All that needs to take place is Osama bin Laden needs to come out of hiding and turn himself in and end his fugitive lifestyle.

If bin Laden came out of his cave, let the world put the handcuffs on him and let him be put on trial for his actions...the innocent mothers and children in Afghanistan wouldn't have to worry about imminent death.

But he won't.

And because he won't, he's putting everyone that he supposedly cares so much for in harm's way.

He could save all of his own people. He could give up his own life to spare so many thousands of lives. He could stop World War III from taking place.

But he won't.

To me, that's just wrong. This could all be over with today if he'd just come forward.

But he won't.

So when the finger of blame is being pointed for all the innocent people that are killed...point it toward the same person who's been responsible for every innocent person killed in this tragedy so far.

His own people are about to find out what a cold-hearted person he is when he puts each and every one of their lives in peril to further his own agenda.

Sadly...I'm sure at least one of you will feel the need to come forward and once again attack me for these words.

Go for it.

To those of you who have sent me copies of "The Americans" and the Leonard Pitts column...thanks.

...ALL 7,000 OF YOU!!!!!

I'm kidding. I have seen them enough, so there's no more need to send them to me again.

Thanks for thinking of me though.

Oh...and the photo of the "New World Trade Center" that's shaped like a middle finger??

Seen that too.

And the photo of Satan in the clouds of smoke?

Yep. Got it framed and on the mantle.

We lit a candle last night and put it out on our front porch last night.

Most everyone else just had their front lights on, which was still pretty cool ... but they weren't candles.

We drove around the neighborhood to see if anyone else put candles out.

We drove past a house where three older people were sitting in lawn chairs in their front yard, holding their candles and waving at people.

I waved back.

I was pretty embarrassed. I thought you were just supposed to put a candle on your front porch. I didn't know you were supposed to sit there and hold it.


Was my face red.

Well, Susie's got to go to a class today from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. which leaves Andrew and me to spend the day together.

We've got a fun day full of tire balancing and rotation and brake service planned.

We might even stop by Toys 'R Us and do a little Christmas shopping and then not wait until Christmas to open the packages.

Then we'll come home, crawl around, get out some Tupperware and bang on it with wooden spoons.

Maybe catch a little "Baby Mozart" on TV.

Hopefully nap some.

Perhaps some tickling is in order.

It should be a fun day.

And it should get my mind away from this horrible and long week.

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