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01:31:34 - 2000-02-19

Uncle Bob is too goddamned drunk to deal with you underaged bastards right now. You know if yer old enough to peer into Uncle Bob's World. I shouldn't have to stand here and card every single one of yas.


Okay...I'm stumbling over the keys and TRYING to make sure this entry is fairly coherant.

Lemme explain one thing...I DON'T DRINK SHOOTERS.

How many did I have tonight???

I remember three at least.

On top of a series of Heinekens, let's just say, I'm rather poop faced.

I went out with five other people tonite. Three women, two guys. Two other couples, a single gal and me.

Myself and the single girl kinda talked, hung out, slow-danced, while the other two couples made footsie wootsie.

God...the damned girl made me "spin" while we slow danced. I didn't mind "spinning" her. But I felt like a dick when she spun me.

Keep in mind...I'm a married man, but my wife is out of town. I'm not the cheatin' type...but I'm DRUNK.

Anyway....danced with this gal...(17 years younger than me....does that make me a perv??)and when Mattie Gee and I were ready to leave, she was in the bathroom. We said goodbye to everyone and left.

As Mattie was starting his car up, this gal came outside and demanded a goodbye hug from both of us.

She hugged Mattie Gee.

Then she went to hug me and said "Kiss me."

Well. I'm a married guy. My wife's out of town on a Christian retreat. I was three sheets to the wind.

What do YOU think I did???

Damned skippy, compadre. I plugged a big smacker on her lips, jumped into Mattie's car and we were off into the night. To me...drunken closed-mouth kisses are NOT cheating. Maybe I'm wrong here...but I be a kissin' fool. I swear to YOU ... if we ever meet, I'm layin' one on ya.

And now I sit here. Lonely, despondent and incredibly drunk.

Ya know...Diaryland needs some sort of IRC Channel where we can all go and chit chat.

'Cos I'm hornier than a deformed unicorn right now.

I'm going to bed. Sorry for the drunken outburst here. I'll be more coherant in the morning.


Hope yyer hangover doesn't kill ya...A>

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