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05:44 a.m. - 2001-03-23


Ahhh...slept in...

Actually...I didn't. I've just been surfing Napster for about an hour. I just felt like I needed an excuse for getting this updated so late in the day.

...It's the Catholic guilt thing. You wouldn't understand.

Speaking of religion ... my preacher calls me up last night.

"I've got a question for ya," he says.

"Shoot," I say.

"Have you seen 'Fight Club'?"

I had seen the first 10-15 minutes of "Fight Club" at one point, but turned it off. It just wasn't holding my attention at the time.

So I told him no.

"YOU'VE GOT TO SEE IT!" he says. "I saw it the other night, and it's so strange and I need someone to talk about it with!"

So...apparently, I'm the guy in the church that our preacher shares the "dark" things with.

We talk about HBO's "Oz" a lot, since we're both big fans of that show.

We've had discussions about how hilarious "Pulp Fiction" is.

And's "Fight Club".

So after he babbles on for about five minutes, I do a search for it on my TV Guide thing ... it was coming on in ten minutes.

"It's coming on in ten minutes," I tell him.

"WATCH IT!!!" he shouts.

Okay. Far be it for me to turn down a man of the cloth. Especially one that's this sold on a movie.

So I watch it.

All two and a half hours of it.

And I'm still kinda confused.

He told me there's a big "twist" near the end along the lines of "The Sixth Sense".

I saw the twist coming in the first 30 minutes or so. Had he not TOLD me there was a twist coming, I probably wouldn't have seen it.

But man...that was one WEIRD movie. do you go about discussing "Fight Club" with your preacher?

"Gee,Reverend ... so you're saying that when Brad Pitt was upstairs banging the shit out of Helena Bonham Carter it was really Ed Norton??"

"Well explain this to me ... when Meat Loaf got his head blown off and they all started chanting his name, was that like mind control or what?"

Once again ... I will repeat ... I have one COOL preacher.

Which is one of the reasons I enjoy church so much these days.

Well ... that and the free wafers and grape juice...

Went to lunch yesterday with the one and only Wendigo and my boy Eddie Lavoie.

It was good to see them both. At one time, we were the three founding members of the Boys Club. It was similar to the Fight Club except we didn't beat the living shit out of each other and neither one of them were figments of my imagination.

Then those two went and got REAL jobs so the afternoons of the three of us sitting around and getting trashed went out the window.

...rabble scrabble real jobs...

Anyway ... I think I've abandoned the whole "Sock Hop" fund raiser thing for the Biggest Rat campaign and am going with "Hit Night" where we bust up into local restaurants and "rob" everybody for the Cancer Society.

It sounds like a whole lot less work. Plus, I'm not really the best at throwing parties. I've had a handful of really successful "parties" in my life...the rest have been get togethers.

This way, we can walk in a restaurant and in five minutes be done with that one and move on to the next one.

Plus ... there's a good chance we may ride around in a limo all night.

So you know...coolness and all.

Alright ... I've gotta get the dog walked, shower and get the boy to daycare within the next hour. So my work's cut out for me.

I may be back later to add more here.

Don't hold your breath.


STARS ON 45: "Stevie Wonder Medley"

I'm not the biggest Stevie fan in the world ... but I used to play this when I was a club deejay and loved it, even though nobody hardly ever danced to it. The beat changes way too much and back in the 80s it was best not to confuse the disco dancers.


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