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07:38:39 - 2000-04-15


"We're having a yard sale before this baby is born," my wife said.

"Cool beans," I said. "I've got a ton of underwear I don't wear any more because all the elastic is gone."

"You're going to sell some of those CDs," she said gesturing towards my mountain of CDs.

After the paramedics had revived me and left, I asked the wife if she was, indeed, joking.

"No, I'm not," she said. "First off, there's a LOT of music up there that you have never even listened to."

"That's not true," I said in defiance.

She got up off the sofa and pulled down several CDs still in their shrink wrap and dropped them in my lap, almost damaging Petey the Sperm Machine.

"Oof," I said.

"I see you just LOVE those discs," she said sarcastically.

"Where did these come from," I said in mock shock.

"You are selling at least 500 CDs at this yard sale," she informed me.

Five hundred CDs.

I can do that.

I have no idea how many discs I have. I estimate around 1,500. The thing is...they're scattered all over the house in neat little piles.

I have two racks that hold about 800 of them. They're overflowing.

I have a bookcase in the den that has several hundred stacked on top of each other.

Back here in my office I have eight small racks full and a stack of discs about two feet high in the corner.

And I don't want to go into how many are piled at the bottom of my office closet.

So yeah...500 would be a piece of cake.

Hell...I might go 1,000.

Ever since technology gave me the option of paying $15 for a new CD full of crap, or paying $1 for a blank CD full of the songs I WANT downloaded off the web ... well ... think about it Romeo ... I'm going for the dollar CD that will have everything I want on it.


I just impressed myself with a tangent in my head.

This may be really boring to I'm putting the tangent in italics. But this is how I envision the Internet in 20 years or less...

All hard drives will come with an internal credit card-like machine. Everyone will have their own credit card and to buy things off the net, you'll just stick in the credit card and start buying.

What I'm thinking specifically is MP3s. Record companies could offer consumers songs...$2 a pop over the Internet or $10 to download an entire disc. It will save them money in packaging, etc. and in 20 years time, the Internet will be the shit anyway, everyone will be on it.

So...if I wanna make a disc, I'll just go to the different band's websites, stick my credit card in, download the songs I wanna have, and move onto the next band's website until the disc is full.

I could go into more detail but my's just ramblings.

So anyway...last night I went through a small portion of my discs and pulled out 450 discs.

And these are the discs that I consider myself listening to a lot.

I always thought I'd want to share my music collection with my child.

Now I'm just making compilation CDs of my favorite songs and I'll share those.

Heh. Like my kid's ever gonna wanna hear "Copacabana".


Would it be asking too much if we all jammed out to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana"? Awwwww c''ll be fun!!

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