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5:42 a.m. - 2001-04-26


My Gawd.

I don't know what I have ... but it is KICKING my ass sideways and leaving me for dead.

My temperature got up to 101.2 last night, which is extremely high for me since I'm usually below normal.

My head was pounding, my throat felt like I was swallowing razor blades and although my hands and feet were freezing, my head was burning hot.

And just like yesterday, when I woke up I felt much better. But at about noon, I started feeling worse.

It hurt to TALK, people.

This really, REALLY sucks. Because the next three days are my Big Rat days, where I not only have to talk, but act cheerful and be cordial.

This ain't go' be easy.

Speaking of the Big Rat thing, you can read a story about the Big Rats here.

I'm shocked they listed all of my "Hit Night" places. I don't have any clue how they got all that information, since I've only made it public in one advertisement that comes out later today.

Ah well. I won't fret. I just want my money.

My biggest fear is not being able to holler tomorrow night due to my raw throat. Since many of these restaurants don't have P.A. systems, I've got to go in there and holler out the instructions. "Make your checks payable to the American Cancer Society!!!" kinda things.

I wonder if I can just show up at today's golf tournament, thank everyone for coming out and supporting me, then go home and go back to bed?

We'll see...

Not much else to report here from yesterday. I worked for about an hour yesterday morning, went to pick Mattie Gee up, had some lunch, stopped by the house to get some posters, decided to lay down for a few minutes because my head was pounding....and woke up 4.5 hours later.

" Gee, I'm sorry. I meant to come back to the office today, but I've got a FREAKIN' 101.2 DEGREE FEVER and I accidently passed out on my couch. Forgive me??"

I think they would. They know how hard I've been working lately, trying to keep a newspaper running while trying to organize these events at the same time.

I'm beat.

Sorry this wasn't my usual entry, but I can barely sit up straight and this screen is making me dizzy.

Adios, amigos.

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