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07:00:47 - 2000-04-16


Wow... between Liss who sent me a list of cool MP3s and The Mether who listed all her MP3s, I have a ton of MP3 suggestions to download.

So ... I'm happier than a pig in shit.

Make that gourmet shit. THAT'S how happy I am.

Currently...I'm downloading a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes song. I've heard of them, but never heard their tunes.

And Sleater-Kinney doing "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone". I've only HEARD of the song...never heard it.

I love Joey Ramone. He's so freakin' cool.

Speakin' of Joey... Andrew wrote two jokes that just CRACKED ME UP!!

They're so stupid and juvenile, but hilarious. I love stupid and juvenile stuff.

(Bob begins fingering his nostril until he finally just digs in there elbow-deep with a huge grin on his distorted face)

Stuff like that. much longer are we going to be able to get free music via MP3s?

This shit has gotta stop eventually, don't you think?

I read that Metallica is suing Napster because Metallica owns all their music as well as most of Texas, so they can sue whoever they want because they're bigger than the Beatles, dammit.


(Bob flashes his devil sign, wags his tongue and begins headbanging like a Korn fan until he begins coughing up part of last night's dinner)

Speaking of last night's fear of Mexican food and all things cheesey is apparently going to have to take a backseat to my wife's pregnancy.

Because she's already getting cravings.

And they all center around Mexican food.

I went to a Mexican restaurant last week to appease her. She's pregnant and I'm catering to her every whim for nine months....that's my gig.

Okay...we're almost on our third month.

...And this shit has got to stop FAST.

EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week I've asked..."What do you want for dinner?"

EVERY SINGLE NIGHT she answers "Mexican".'s kinda like when you give a guy a blow job for the first time and it blows his damned mind. After that initial BJ, he's constantly wanting his pecker resting against your tonsils one more time.

And ... that can get annoying...

Just like women and blow jobs...I don't mind eating Mexican every now and then to make my wife happy.

I just don't wanna choke on it every single night.

But hey...III'M not the one carrying the baby. Sheeeee is.

So, she gets whatever she wants.

And now...12 hours later, I'm still burping up refried beans.


We have found a Mexican place here in town that is real good about not putting cheese on my food.

Of course, when I ask for mexican food "without cheese" they look at me as if I just said "I want to be Elian Gonzales' pimp."

But they make it anyway and I honestly enjoy it.

While I'm eating it.

It's those next 24 hours I dread.

With that said...gotta go....

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