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10:15:23 - 2000-11-24

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!!

And to all my Canadian friends...Happy Friday!!!

So wow...a totally non-eventful Thanksgiving. After I left you guys, I took Maggie for a walk. Then I drove over to Mattie Gee's and took his dog Brak for a walk and played with him for a while while M.G. is out of town.

Came home and tried to desperately take care of matters around the house that I had wanted to take care of on Wednesday before my family got here, but didn't have the time.

...Like yardwork.

So I'm outside yesterday morning at 7 a.m., weedeating, raking and sweeping ... all to the delight of my neighbors who really wanted to be awaken at 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning to the sound of my weed eater.

I cooked a batch of chili in case anyone got hungry and needed to eat. Good thing ... they ALL wanted some lunch.

My dad fell IN LOVE with Napster. It was pretty cool. Then we made Mom cry ... I told Mom to think of some songs in the past she just loved. She was saying stuff like "Well ... I KNOW they won't have that song "American Pie"."

...Gee ... no mom...stumped us there...American What??

So I made her go more obscure.

She said when she and her sister were children, they had a record about being a lonely petunia in an onion patch.

Three minutes later, she was listening to the song and getting misty-eyed.

THEN, she said there was a song her grandmother used to sing to her ... "Little Brown Church ...something".

Two minutes later, she was wadding up Kleenex, listening to a song she hadn't heard in 50 years.

Then she finds out I can put it on a tape for her!!

(Her CD player hasn't worked in years...Mom's still a devoted tapehead)

So I make her a disc that she wanted to call "Memories".

Hey it whatever the hell you want...just gimme my 40 cents, please.

Dad must have downloaded 40 songs by himself. He was really sold on it.

Then he and my sister Kristi played "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" on the computer for several hours.

I fixed my Thanksgiving fajitas, which went well by all accounts. You just eat so much turkey in the week leading up to turkey day..... a kid in my arms...cant type anymore.....

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