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06:57:17 - 2000-01-29

So the wife and I are sitting around last night, flipping channels on TV, when we come across the first movie I was ever in. was also the LAST movie I was ever in. So far at least.

The movie is called "The Long Walk Home" with Sissy Spacek and Whoopi Goldberg. The story is based on Rosa Parks and her refusal to ride in the back of a bus and the movement that ensued leading to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s.

I played "Racist Redneck Guy In Crowd #118". Don't look for me in the credits ... I graciously took an unbilled role. Mainly because I have the acting ability of a chair.

The movie was filmed here in Montgomery, Alabama in 1990. I was a club deejay in a nightclub adjacent to a hotel where Whoopi Goldberg was staying during the duration of the filming. The Whoopster (my personal nickname for her) would come in a couple of nights a week, have Tanqueray and tonic and hang out at the bar. A few times, she came up to the deejay booth and hung out for a while. She always wanted to hear Motown (If I never hear "My Girl" again, I could die a happy man) and would just rag on everyone in Alabama, but in a funny way that would have me in stitches. Then again, I was paid to kiss Whoopi Goldberg's ass. She could fart and I'd be rolling on the floor, laughing loudly and pointing "You Da Man, Whoopi!! You da man!!!"

I was SUCH a corporate kiss ass.

Anyway, there were some scenes that were being shot in our local Colliseum, so they needed a buncha extras to come on Saturday morning, dressed in 50s style clothes and be prepared to stay most of the day. In the end, we would all be stars along the lines of the guy in the football stands in "Any Given Sunday" and that guy on the ground who looks up at Tom Cruise's plane in "Top Gun" while standing on the street with his family. I come....

The whole damned thing lasted about six hours. Most of that was sitting and talking to a buncha guys who had false hopes that this was "their big break". I've always been pretty happy with my life and took everything as it came and ran with it, so I wasn't hoodwinked into thinking I was going to be on Letterman talking about my latest movie with Sean Connery and my recent stint at the Betty Ford clinic after my big debut as the redneck racist #118

Nope. Already have a life, thanks. Ain't got no time for broken fantasies.

I made sure while filming that I was "animated" with my hands since ...well...basically....I'm in a crowd scene with my buddies walking around the Coliseum's upper deck. I knew I would have to do SOMETHING that I would be able to spot in a crowd scene. So I look like I'm trying to guide a plane on the runway for a takeoff.

Most of the extras were disappointed that neither of the stars were going to be paying the set a visit that day. Instead, we had Dwight Schultz as the big name of the day.

Dwight Schultz.

Dwight was on "The A-Team". He was the blond haired guy. Not Mr. T. or George Peppard. Young guy. Extremely hoity-toity for not being the star of the project.

We walked twelve times around the coliseum, filming the scene each time. That's not counting all the little "stop and go" scenes where something is screwed up five seconds into the camera rolling.

...Usually punctuated with a "Goddammit!!! CUT!!" from the director.

I had a blast, even though it was boring at times. I actually met some guys there that I still talk to occasionally today.

And the movie turned out pretty good too. It didn't do that great at the box office, and many of you probably haven't seen it. But if you get a chance, I know it's been on Starz a lot lately, and possibly Showtime.

And if you're looking for me, there's a scene where Dwight Schultz (plays Sissy's husband) is attending this huge meeting in a coliseum. He's walking through the halls talking a buncha racist crap, and I'm about ten feet behind him over his left shoulder, looking like I'm molding a big phallic symbol out of imaginary clay.

Anyway, check it out if you ever get the chance.

And keep looking for me in my next movie, "Pearl Harbor".

...With Sean Connery, naturally...


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