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17:23:59 - 2000-02-17

Good Lord. You don't get it, do you kid? Every day, you show up here thinkin' I'm gonna cave and finally let you come in. Uh-uh. Beat it. You come around again and I'm callin' the cops. Capiche?? Uncle Bob's Diary is for people 18 and over.


I just received this email...

Dear Uncle Bob,

Important Message For Our Age Verification Members

****Very Important Notice****


*12 Girlz 1 House and Cameras In Every Room*

We have had many inquiries about website.

Although it is not part of our age verification network we have arranged with them to give our members a special trial membership.















Okay ...hypothetical situation here...

Let's say I went out with my boys.

I got pretty trashed in a bar.

I got home at 1 a.m.

I was horny, but the wife was sound asleep and doesn't like being woken up in the middle of the night for sex.

I got on the computer.

I somehow wound up on an adult site that asked for a credit card number.

Did I mention that I was horny?

The computer wanted a credit card number.

I have several credit card numbers.

So...let's say I gave the machine my card number in a drunken stupor, check out a couple of pictures, squeeze the lemon until I get juice on the monitor screen and then go straight to bed and pass out and never remember this whole thing happening.




Am I financially liable for shit like that?

Well Bob...I'm no lawyer...but....A>

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Tell me everything's going to be alright.a>

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