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10:40:36 - 2001-03-12



I had no idea I'd receive so much support in my sympathizing with the killer in the school shooting of the week.

I thought AT LEAST one of you would step forward and call me a psychopathic killer or something.

You people are REALLY beginning to let yer Uncle Bob down...

Anyway...thanks for the emails and messages saying things like "Right On, Uncle Bob!" and "You Da Man, Uncle Bob!" and "Cook Your Chicken Until The Juices Run Clear, Uncle Bob!"

In fact ... I was all prepared to receive at least ONE piece of hate mail, that I already had a response to it.

However ... the response was somewhat controversial, would have ruffled some feathers and since there's really no need to delve further into the whole shebang, I'll leave the response tucked neatly inside my head.


Once again...your loss.

Maybe NEXT TIME you'll disagree with me and I'll slap that response on the table and you'll just stand there, mouth agape and wonder "How can Uncle Bob ALWAYS be so right?"


Went to church yesterday. During the announcements, they announced that I would be running for the Biggest Rat in Town contest this year.

People that have never said more than two words to me approached me after church, pumping my hand and calling me a dirty rat.'s the BIGGEST rat, people...not DIRTIEST.

Maybe they knew that and called me Dirty Rat anyway.


Then, after church, the lady who took pictures of Andrew a few weeks ago gave us our proofs.

There's 22 pictures of him. We're happy with about 9 of those.

But it was when she gave us her prices that I about died.

An 8 x 10 picture cost $25.

Each wallet sized pic costs $2.50.

A regular picture size...4 x 5...just a normal damned picture...$5/apiece.


Every time I told someone in church that Deborah was taking pictures of Andrew, they just said "That's nice" and changed the subject.


I feel so gypped. I REALLY wanted to get about 50 pictures printed of him of all sizes.

Now, we have the bare minimum being printed...and it's STILL over $300.

Next stop ... Sears Photo Center.

Screw trying to help out members of the church.

SCREW IT I'm tellin' ya!!

And then ... the pics just weren't that good. Several of the pictures, she cut off his lower half or they're crooked or something.

There's only TWO pictures where he's looking at the camera. The rest of them are all from that artsy-fartsy angle of him looking off in the distance and her getting his profile.

Jeez Louise...if I'm going to buy pictures of my kid, it sure would help if you got his ENTIRE FACE in the picture, lady.

Jeez Louise!

Sorry...I'm kinda hot about this...

I guess I'm hot because this stupid stinking chiropractor that I've been going to for the last two months is NOT covered under my insurance.

Oh, sure...he's listed in my insurance book as being covered...but I keep getting bills saying I owe hundreds of dollars to him.

I'm peeved!

PEEVED, I'm tellin' ya!!

Susie doesn't seem to be worried about it. But then yesterday, when figuring up the hundreds of dollars that we're going to be spending on Andy pix, she said "If you had gone to a chiropractor that was covered under your insurance, the Andy pix bill wouldn't be a problem."


Rabble scrabble chiropractor...

Mowed the yard for the first time this year yesterday.

I always like the first yard mowing of the year. It's refreshing to step outside in nice weather and when I'm done to look at a beautifully landscaped yard.

...Or at yard.

But then ... a week later when the weeds have overtaken the grass, the whole "Fun fun fun" of mowing the yard comes to a screeching halt and I end up cursing the weekends.


My life is soooooo complicated, huh?

Made Jambalaya for the first time in my life last night.

Turned out pretty good too. Susie loved it. I thought it was okay.

I got the recipe from an old cookbook that we've had forever.

It was good. Susie loved it.


It was good alright.

Sorry...I just turned on the TV and the weather guy said we were going to have rain all day.

Got sidetracked.

Did I tell you about the Jambalaya?

One more thing...

If you're going to email me to get into the Army thingie, do two things...

A) Let me know which diary is yours. You won't believe how many emails I get saying "I want to be in the Army" without any other information. I need to know which diary to include.

B) Let me know SPECIFICALLY that you want to be in the Army. I get a lot of emails of people making small talk without mentioning wanting to be in the Army, but they include their address. Small talk is fine...not a problem ... but you have to hit me over the head if you want inclusion into the Army thing. So let me know.

And as far as email goes ... I read all of them, but I don't get around to answering them. As I've stated before, this makes me a horrible person. I haven't emailed my own cousin or sister back yet and they asked me SPECIFIC questions that are requiring my answers ... and those were sent weeks ago.

I have hundreds of unanswered emails because I let them pile up once Andy was born. And they've just snowballed from there.

And I'm trying to spend more time with Andy and Susie than answering emails. So time spent on the computer these days consists of updating this bitch, checking a few other websites and then shutting the monitor off until tomorrow.

I'm sorry about not answering emails.

Please don't think less of me.

Oh hell...go right ahead and think less of me if you need to. As Celine Dion would say "My heart will go on, dude."

That's it...adios.


ROY ORBISON: "Running Scared"

I saw a Roy concert last night on PBS and as always, my face got flush, I got choked up and fell in love with the guy all over again. Roy Orbison lived more heartache in his life than any of us will ever know. And the song "Running Scared" details his heartache to a T.


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