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10:51:03 - 2000-08-19


(Bob rubs his eyes and squints painfully from the light of the computer)

What the hell do you want?

No ... you came you MUST be looking for something.

Well...I didn't make it on to the island in Diaryland Survivor. I'm a little sad. I'm feeling a mite rejected. I'd be lying if I said I expected this to happen.

Then again...I never entered the damned contest. I bet that's why I didn't get picked.

Damned's ALLLLWAYS something...

Sooooo....whaddaya wanna talk 'bout??

I met my latest intern yesterday. A girl by the name of Kim.

We sat down and I said "So tell me about yourself ... what do you want to do with your life?"

...You know...trying to sound all authorative and shit...

As it turned out ... I had spoken at her college two years ago about journalism. She was in the audience and at that moment decided she wanted to come intern for me because I seemed "laid back and cool".

Uncle Bob.

Laid back and cool.

Christ...I almost sound like Shaft when you put it that way.

I'm a baaaaad mutha...

What struck me as wild was that she remembered complete dialogue that I had told the students about the newspaper business. She said I made the job sound more like fun than work and she sat there and QUOTED ME.

I was ... I SAID THAT?!?

Anyway...she flattered me enough to be my new intern. She also seemed pretty intelligent and a real go-getter.

I love interns. They make my job so much easier. Everyone should have at least one.

And that's my Intern Story For The Day.

...Watch her turn out to be some sorta demon...


Hi!! I'm back!!!

Just went outside to get the paper .... there's lotsa thunder outside.

Which really sucks because I was going to mow the yard this morning, but not if it's raining.

But it's really cool because I LOVE early morning thunderstorms.

But that really sucks because early morning thunderstorms are the most dangerous.

But that's really cool because that means they're even more awesome in scope.

But that's really.....


We went to Johnny Ray's last night for barbecue.

When Johnny Ray's came to town, everyone made a huge deal about how it was supposed to be THE BEST barbecue in the world, blah blah blah...

It's okay. It's cheap, quick and edible.

But my ribs are better.

Not the ones inside my chest. The ones I smoke and grill.


You're NOT that bright, are you??


I'm currently trying to compress all my MP3s onto discs so I can free up the space on my hard drive.

I've made it all the way up to "T". I'm kinda sorted excited.


Y'know...I've got to apologize for this entry...I really's not your normal Uncle Bob entry and I have two reasons, if you give a shit about reading either.

A) First...the thunderstorm is moving closer and my dog is freaking out so I'm having to console her while I write this thing. And by consoling her, I mean I have to have my hands on her, which keeps me from typing and/or being creative.

B) One of my best friends just emailed me to tell me she's getting a divorce from her husband. This makes me sad for a number of different reasons, none of which I really feel like going into here.

So I'm super bummed out, which is something that doesn't normally happen to me here.

I wish I could write more, but I'm really just ultra-bummed for my buddy and wish I could comfort her more than just saying "It'll be all right".

Because it won't be.

It's a long, tough road from this moment on for her.

But I can't tell her that.

I have to be positive and upbeat.

Because I'm Uncle Bob.

But today, I'm having trouble flipping the Uncle Bob switch on.

Forgive me. I'll get back to the old me quicker than you would think.



Nerdygrrl sent some more questions in...She's an ANGEL in times like today. Thanks, Nerdster!!!

If Hollywood was to make a movie of your life, what would you want the theme song to be?"

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