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07:55:05 - 2000-02-05


By clicking on this page, you have just released a virus that will clear out your hard drive within 15 seconds. Time for a new computer.


(Uncle Bob is not responsible for any computers crashing. Uncle Bob can be hazardous to your health. If you are pregnant, have heart problems or tend to pick your nose a lot and call total strangers to tell them how much you like their website ... you may not wanna visit Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob has better things to do with his time than listen to people whine about viruses he sent them when all they wanted was a laugh. A giggle. A chuckle. A snort. Uncle Bob wishes you all an early Merry Christmas, except for my Jewish friends who get a Festive Feliz Navidad! Uncle Bob once made a man laugh so hard he vomited. Uncle Bob is made of only the finest aluminum and steel and can withstand 2,300 pounds of pressure. Uncle Bob is an all-night man. Uncle Bob should not be read by people with epileptic conditions or good, solid morals. Uncle Bob shakes his groove thang whenever possible. Stand back when igniting Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob has caused severe depression in laboratory mice. Fear Uncle Bob.)

You wanna know what REALLY makes my testes tingle? A stop over at UNCLE BOB'S HOUSE OF FUN

, where stupidity shines.

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