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2000-10-31 - A Letter To My Unborn Son
October 30,2000 - My Army Can Kick Your Army's Ass!
2000-10-29 - When You Dance With The Devil, You're Bound To Get Burned
2000-10-28 - Chinese Water Torture Ain't Got Shit On My Neighbor
2000-10-27 - Riot 718 Must Die!! Army...ATTACK!!!
2000-10-26 - Am I Hot Or Are You About To Regurgitate?
2000-10-25 - Pick A Date...Any Date...
2000-10-24 - Ingredients For A Perfect Kid
2000-10-23 - Hey Granny, Can You Get Me Some Kind Bud?
2000-10-22 - Hell Is Awesome Dude!
2000-10-21 - Baby Postponed Until Further Notice
October 20th, 2000 - There's Been A Change In Plans...Here's Your Baby
Thursday, October 19th,2000 - Really Boring Things That Have Been Happening To Me Lately That I Didn't Think Warranted Much Mention Here
2000-10-18 - Lump O' Coal, Sir?
2000-10-17 - The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy Is The Cleanest
2000-10-16 - God Doesn't Like People Who Fart In His House
2000-10-15 - Chairs, Chat and Children's Clothes
Saturday, Shocktober 14th,2000 - Half-Awake Ramblings That I Won't Remember In Six Hours
Friday the mutha-humpin' 13th - Cleanliness Is Next To Cleaning In The Dictionary
October 12th - Stupid Things I've Done While Drunk
October 11th - Is He...On Something??
2000-10-10 - It Pays To Bring A Fat Guy To A Hot Dog Eating Contest
October 9th - I'm More Tired Than A Milton Berle Joke
2000-10-08 - The Sis Discovers The Internet, Stamping Sites Hits Go Through The Roof
Rocktober 7,2000 - Wet Old Ladies and Drooling Little Babies
Oktober 6th - I'm Too Sexy For This ... Well ... Hell ... I Ain't Sexy At All ...
October 5th - There Are No Tacos In War-Torn Bosnia
2000-10-04 - Freaking Out For No Good Reason
2000-10-03 - I Hung Out With Bruce Springsteen
2000-10-01 - An Apology ... I Know...I Said There Were No More Apologies ... But Jeez ... Cut Me Some Slack ...
2000-10-01 - The Final Word From Uncle Bob