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2000-07-31 - Yet Another Gripping Tale About My Testicles
2000-07-30 - Closet Homosexuals and Gimps Are The Last People You Want Helping You Move
2000-07-29 - Lars Ulrich's Wheaties Have A Urine Taste To Them This Morning
2000-07-28 - What A Difference A Day Makes
2000-07-27 - Lars Ulrich...You Dead Meat, Son...
2000-07-26 - My Left Foot -- The Sequel
2000-07-25 - Uncle Bob Dislocates His Funny Bone
2000-07-24 - Beer In The Ass Isn't As Appealing As It Sounds
2000-07-23 - I Now Pronounce You Man and ...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!
2000-07-22 - A New Car (Really), Reunion News and Wedding Blues
2000-07-21 - Uncle Bob...TV Star...
2000-07-20 - Prepare To Be Shocked And Amazed
2000-07-19 - Guess What?? The Wife's Finally Pregnant!!
2000-07-18 - Restuff Me Baybeee!!!
2000-07-17 - The Joys of Parenthood Are Slowly Becoming A Myth
2000-07-15 - The One Where Uncle Bob Didn't Get The Amount of Sleep It Normally Takes To Churn Out An Award-Winning Diary Entry
2000-07-14 - The Master Beats The Shit Out Of The Student
2000-07-13 - Massive Amounts of Babbling About Nothing
2000-07-12 - I Get A Tiara Made Of Budweiser Cans and Christmas Tree Lights
2000-07-11 - The World's Worst Drug Dealer Almost Gets Caught
2000-07-10 - Book Reviews, Headache Blues and Baby's Kicking Major Ass News
2000-07-09 - Silence Is Golden
2000-07-08 - Today I Celebrate My Independence Day
2000-07-07 - Nephews and Nieces and In-Laws...OH MY!
2000-07-06 - Fish and Visitors Both Begin To Stink After Three Days
2000-07-05 - Happy Fifth of July!!!
2000-07-03 - The Governor Called...Your Torture Has Been Postponed
2000-07-02 - Walter Matthau is Dead And I Hate My In-Laws
2000-07-01 - Due To Unforeseen Circumstances, The Role Of "Whiny Bitch" Will Be Played By Mr. Uncle Bob...