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2000-08-31 - Step Right Up And See The Amazing Fat Bastard
2000-08-30 - I Overslept And You Reap The Benefits
2000-08-29 - With A Snip Snip Here And A Snip Snip There...
2000-08-28 - Check It Out...My Medication Can Talk!
2000-08-27 - Nostradamus Ain't Got Shit On Uncle Bob
2000-08-26 - May I Scorch The Flesh Off Of Your Hands, Amigo?
2000-08-25 - Goat Shit Brings Out The Animal In Me
2000-08-24 - You Gots To Hab Da Duckies When You Go's To Da Mall
2000-08-23 - Hairdressers, Heart Attacks and Hell on Ice
2000-08-22 - Full of Hate and Discontent...The Old Uncle Bob is Back, Baby!!
2000-08-21 - Peanut Butter and Raw Onion Sandwich, Anyone?
2000-08-20 - My Date With Princess Hormone
2000-08-19 - Not A Good Way To Start The Weekend
2000-08-18 - ..."And He Once Ate Dog Shit To Impress His Friends"...
2000-08-17 - Can You Tell I Didn't Do Anything Yesterday?
2000-08-16 - Granny Needs Her Ass Beat And Other Bedtime Stories
2000-08-15 - Why Are You Such An Asshole?
2000-08-14 - Fried Rat Sandwich And An Order Of Fries, Please
2000-08-13 - Yes...Quiet Riot Is Still Around
2000-08-12 - Toys For Tots and Noise For Sluts
2000-08-11 - Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy Unless You Are A Stewardess
2000-08-10 - Bully For You...None For Me
2000-08-09 - Template's Changed, Kid's Deranged and the Census Needs A Few New Brains
2000-08-08 - Mucus Plugs...Need I Say More?
2000-08-07 - Uncle Bob Is A Crybaby...Pass It On...
2000-08-06 - My Kid Needs Pooh!
2000-08-05 - Chillin' With God and James Caan
2000-08-04 - Gags, Jokes, Pranks and Yuks...Not In That Order
2000-08-03 - Does Anybody Really Give Two Shits About My Day Anymore??
2000-08-02 - So Uncle Bob...Tell Us About Your College Roommates...
2000-08-01 - Childbirth Is A Walk In The Park ... For The Daddy