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10:03:51 - 2000-08-30



I's 6 a.m. ... so this is going to be shorter than normal.

...I'm SURE nobody's complaining. Plowing through my diary entries must bore the shit outta ya on some days.

So anywhoooo...I've gotta go to work today.

Yes ... Wednesdays used to be my day off.

Yes ... they're no longer my day off.

Yes ... I work with a buncha whiny bitches who didn't think it was "fair" that I had a day off during the week as a reward for kicking out a newspaper all by myself each week, editorial-wise.

Yes ... I got called into the boss's office who informed me it wasn't fair that everyone else had to work while I didn't.

Yes ... It probably "wasn't" fair...but since nobody ever told me different, I took the day off each week for years.

Yes ... I brought up that it was the boss himself who said that "the editorial staff can take each Wednesday off because they worked so hard on Tuesday".

Yes .... blah blah blah.

So anyway...I've gotta report to duty today and sit around the office with my thumb up my ass.

And yes ... the whiny bitches are smirking.

Nothing of great importance to report here today.

Like that's ever stopped me from doing an entry before.

I called my doctor last night and nothing else is broken in my arm, which is cool. The horrifying bruise and swolleness is from "soft tissue damage" and will go away soon.

That's cool. I thought I had caught leprosy.

Oh ... I'm never mentioning circumcision here again. I apparently made some guys feel less than a man, which is not the case. If you have a penis, regardless of its amount of're a man in my book.

Not that I want anything to do with your penis. Keep it to yourself there, Buster Brown.

But you're a man.

Thanks for the emails and encouragement to keep my baby's foreskin intact.

But I'm STILL having him circumsized.

And that's the end of that.

...God...why couldn't it have been a girl?



What is the worst part about your job? And yes...students and housewives ... those ARE jobs.

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