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10:34:00 - 2000-11-25


I know what yer askin' yerself ... Uncle Bob...could it be possible for you to come up with a complete single entry without having to pick up a crying baby and soothe him for several hours while your wife takes her turn sleeping?

Hell if I know. But we'll try it again.


Mine was okay, I guess...let's see...left off yesterday talking about my Thanksgiving fajitas....they went over good. I don't know if my family is just burned out on turkey or what, but everyone of them (all three) vetoed the turkey dinner.

Maybe my turkey sucks.

Actually ... Susie's always cooked the turkeys in this house.

There's a pun there about her bad cooking, but I'm too tired to fish for it.

Thursday night, Mom and Dad went back to their hotel at 7:30 p.m. I went over to Mattie Gee's to hang with the Brakster (his dog), came home and stayed up with Andy while Susie got some uninterrupted sleep.

Yesterday had the potential to get ugly. My family can NOT stay in a house all day. My sister has to get out of the house and go ANYWHERE where things are offered for sale.

My mom is agoraphobic (we think) which (I think) means a fear of crowds. She can't stand to be in a crowd. problem.

We went to lunch at a BBQ joint that I knew would not have a huge line to get in. It didn't. We got in, everyone pigged out, we left.

I showed Dad the game "You Don't Know Jack" and let him play a round. He loved it.

Dad put our stroller together, but we can't get it folded down for storage.

Mom desperately wanted to go home yesterday, because of the Atlanta traffic. It "terrifies" her. She's always been scared of heavy traffic too. We lived in Nashville for 10 years and she never once drove downtown, choosing to never stray from our little suburb.

I explained to Mom that yesterday was the biggest shopping day of the year and that the Atlanta interstates would be PACKED with traffic.

And you can't wait until Sunday, because that's the most heavily travelled day of the year.

So...leave Saturday...EARLY. Get to Atlanta (A 2.5 hour drive from my house)before noon and traffic shouldn't be bad.

So today, they're leaving/have left.

And Kristi's leaving today.

General Consensus of the weekend:

Dad's nervous about his upcoming surgery where they have to re-check the coils in his brain again as a result from his aneurysm in May. I don't blame him, but told both my parents not to worry, everything will be okay.

Y'see ... I have a way of knowing when things will go awry. Nothing will go awry here.

I don't know how I ever lived with my Mom. She's SO high strung. Last night, Dad told me that Mom was like her grandmother. Since I was about ten when Mom's Grandmother died, I only saw her as a nice old woman...I didn't know the adult's perspective on the woman.

According to Dad, they're both self-centered women who want all the attention on them, and if it's not on them, they get pissed.

Wow, pops. That sucks that you went and knocked her up and had to marry her and your unholy union begat I, the bastard child of your salicious excursions.

Ooops...sister's up...Gotta stop....

Holy Mary Mother of God...when will these interupted Diary entries cease???

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