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09:55:54 - 2000-09-10


As much as I hate to dwell on the subject, ONE MORE MENTION of the Hounds from Hell, and I'll move on.

Last night generated into one of those neighborhood fence gatherings that we have every now and then. Neighbors that happen to be outside start crossing streets and yards to shoot the shit with each other.

To my utter amazement ... the white trash dogs were the topic of discussion without ME bringing it up.

Bruce, who lives two doors down, had managed to catch the dogs on Thursday after they set up camp in front of his house, barking and howling at his dogs.

He put them both on leashes and took them back to their home and rang the doorbell.

The white trash wife answered the door.

He explained that the dogs had made it down to his house, which is about 12 houses down from their home and he suggested she tried to keep them fenced in the back yard.

The lady didn't thank him for bringing them home or apologize. He said that she was offended that he had done this.

He said they're from California and moved here last fall.

Are laws different in California??

Basically, here, it's against the law for your dogs to not be wearing rabies tags, which these dogs didn't have. It's also against the law to have your dogs roaming free around the neighborhood.

As it turned out, EVERY NEIGHBOR (six of us) had at one time or another either called the pound on these dogs, talked with the family of these dogs or both. EVERY NEIGHBOR said that the family was cold and gave the impression that they didn't care how the neighborhood felt and were going to do what they wanted to do with their dogs. In fact, everyone agreed that the reason the family let their dogs run free was as a big "Fuck You" to the neighborhood.

And EVERY NEIGHBOR was glad to hear that the dogs were now safe in a building instead of running in traffic. the message board and my email box proves, a few of you are against calling animal control under these circumstances while 95 percent of you understood the position that I was put into by calling them.

Those that disagreed with my're WRONG. You're animal lovers, as I am, BUT YOU'RE WRONG.

If you think that it's okay for dogs to roam the streets, snapping and snarling at every other dog and person on the street, and taking a risk on getting hit by cars rather than being safe in the confines of a back yard, YOU'RE A HUGE FUCKING IDIOT AND I DON'T WANT YOU COMING BACK HERE.

I've never insulted members of my army here, and thought I never would. But c'mon people...get out of that fantasy world you live in ... it's families and dogs like the one I've been writing about for the last week that have made humane shelters and dog pounds a necessity in today's world.

And if you think I'm an "asshole" because I found joy in the fact that these people are being penalized hundreds of dollars for their nonchalant attitudes toward their neighbors while their vicious dogs are finally being well taken care of ... you're sincerely fucked in the head. IF someone is making a portion of your life a living hell and they finally get what's coming to them, it's human nature to find a little ray of sunshine poke out from those heavy black clouds.

And don't try to tell me that these dogs are going to be put to sleep.


I do an awful lot of work with the Humane Shelter. I help them on their fund raisers, I give them as much publicity as I can and I've done volunteer work for them in the past.

I KNOW FOR A FACT, that no HEALTHY dog is ever euthanized at our Shelter. The only time a dog is put to sleep in our city is when it's a merciful act.

These two vicious dogs will soon have a new home with a good family who will take care of them.

I apologize now if I've offended anyone with my recent ramblings on these dogs. I AM a dog lover ... I do NOT call the pound on EVERY SINGLE DOG I see running loose. In fact, there are several dogs in my neighborhood who stay in their front yard and are sweet dogs who come to sniff and greet my dog on our daily walks.

But my dog is 11 years old and arthritic. The reason we go for two walks a day is to keep her muscles toned, per doctor's orders.

And I'll be goddamned if I'm going to have two muscular dogs who are almost ten years younger than her attack her on a daily basis.

ALSO, keep in wasn't MY decision to cart the dogs off to the pound. That was NOT supposed to happen. But when Animal Control tried to get the owners to come to the door and they REFUSED to answer it, Animal Control had no other option than to take the dogs in.

Even though I WANTED the dogs to be taken in, that is NOT standard procedure... the lady told me straight up that she could only issue them a citation. This lazy family and their reluctance to come to the door when someone in uniform is knocking is the sole reason the dogs were taken away, NOT ME.

It's the family's fault that the dogs are in a safe environment right now. Not mine.

If you STILL don't get my reasonings why I called Animal Control, I'm sorry. Maybe someday you'll be attacked by two dogs on a daily basis.

I'm sure you'll COMPLETELY understand my feelings at that point.

Starting tomorrow it's back to Play Time With Uncle Bob.

For those of you who want to come back and be (somewhat) entertained, I welcome you with open arms.

For those of you who think I'm the second coming of Hitler ... Que Sera Sera. Retreat back into your fantasy world and go hug a rabid dog.

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