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13:51:06 - 2001-02-18


Maggie and I were taking a walk this morning, with her wearing that goofy lampshade thing around her head and me wearing a gray sweat suit and looking mighty suave, I might add.

Some kids were playing outside.

As we approached them, the kids stopped playing and looked at Maggie as if she was ... ummm ... really odd looking.

"What's wrong with your dog," the little boy asked.

"She's from outer space," I said. "She has powers that can make her fly."

"No she can't," the boy said.

"Yes, she can," I said. "She just doesn't want to fly right now. She'd rather eat the arms off of small children."

The kids backed up and let us pass.

I snickered once we passed them.

Space Pooch rules!


When I said I wanted some people don't screw around, do ya?

I'm guessing that so far I've gotten 200 suggestions for MP3s to download.

I had such a good connection to one person this morning on Napster, that I just went through their hot list and pilfered the shit out of it. I must have downloaded 60 songs from them in about ten minutes.

I love Napster. And I WILL pay $4.95 a month to keep it.

I know there's other services out there that will remain free.

But I'm an idiot when it comes to learning new programs. I hate change. I'm an old man. I'm pissy. I'm cranky and irritable. And somewhat bloated. I WANT MY NAPSTER.

Anyway ... props to my peeps for all the MP3 suggestions. I found some GREAT tunes thanks to you guys and I plan on downloading every single suggestion y'all gave me. Seriously. Granted ... I've only gotten about 40 of them downloaded so far, but over time, I'll be crossing each song title off my list as it's downloaded. I suggest that everyone goes to my message board today and does some more browsing for song titles or leaves some more for the rest of us to download.

If YOU love a song, chances are good that WE might love the song too. So leave your fave songs on the message board today and check out everyone else's while you're at it and let's get the most outta Napster while we still can.

Yeah man.

Do it.

I bought a 100 pack of blank CDs yesterday. So ... I'm serious about this crap. I've spent thousands of dollars on CDs, Tapes, and vinyl albums and 45s over the years. It's high time I got a few thousand freebies.

Yeah man.

Preach it.

My old buddy Matt Bourg called me yesterday.

This is the guy that I spoke about a few days ago that found me through Uncle Bob. We were buddies in Greece in 1976-77 and he was a groomsman in my wedding in 1988. We speak about every 10-12 years.

It was good talking to him. Even though we've both matured from calling each other "Scrotum Sucking Butt Lips", we're still immature as ever.

Which proves that even as you get older, you don't have to grow up.

Provided you marry someone that will handle all the serious stuff in the house like paying bills and taxes while you keep an online diary that uses phrases like "Scrotum Sucking Butt Lips".

Yeah man.

That's the ticket.

We've got friends coming from out of town, I've got to get ready for church, I've got MP3s to download and...and...and...

...That's it.



This is a truly beautiful song, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. The piano riff is addictive, the singalong chorus at the end never ends and ...'s just a great song that I've loved for 25 years. It ain't heavy metal and it ain't rap. It's just a lazy song that deserves your downloading.


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