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10:44:57 - 2001-01-02



...I think I'm going to keep opening each entry with that phrase until March.

Man, oh man...I didn't leave the house yesterday at all except to walk the dog.


I didn't even shower until 3:30 p.m. and I'm a morning showerer.

Got up, walked the dog, did the diary thingie, read the paper, sat and talked to the wife and listened to her sob over it being her last day at home before going back to work part time starting today, took a nap at 9 a.m., woke up at 10 and watched football until 3:30. Showered, grilled some chicken breasts for grilled chicken salads for dinner, took another nap at 7 p.m., played with the baby until 9:30 p.m and went to bed.

....Was woken up at 11:30 by Susie who asked my help in trying to get the kid to fall asleep. Susie intended on getting to bed at 10 p.m., but Andy had different plans.

So I get up with him and we go play "BIG BOY!!" the leg stretching game where he "thinks" he's standing up.

We do 44 "Big Boys" in a row until he tuckered out.

But he wouldn't go down. He was hungry now.

So I fed him two ounces of milk.

He wolfed that down and then just stared at me like a rabid dog waiting to pounce.

"What up, Andy," I said. "Why won't you go to sleep?"

He kept staring. Fixated on my mouth.

Desperate for him to pass out, I put him in his swing. He seems to like the swing now...our friends said it'd take about 6-8 weeks and he's TWO MONTHS OLD today (WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!...The Terrible Twos!!!).

He sat in the swing for 25 minutes, just staring at me and the fireplace with that "What the hell is YOUR problem?" stare of his.

I shut the swing off when it was obviously not going to put him to sleep and put him on my chest and patted his back.


That kid was out like Ellen DeGeneres.

I kept him in that same position for 15 minutes, making sure he was in a deep sleep before I tried to move him.

Laid him down in his crib and finally stared back at him.

God...this kid's an angel when he wants to be.


I think I want another kid.

They're just so precious when they're small. And they don't stay small for long.

I'm shocked at how well I'm doing with this whole Daddy thing.

I change diapers like a mofo.

Pee on me...I don't care.

Screaming?? Music to my ears, babe.


...Today is the first day that it's just me and him.

Susie goes back to work today and it's gonna be an emotional one for her. She's had to go back a month early because the woman who was covering her has left the company.

It's not cool, but the company really appreciates her coming back.

Of course ... she has the option of leaving whenever she wants during the day. If she only wants to work 10 minutes, apparently that's cool with them. Her boss said to just work some half days, but she'd rather knock out two full days a week than five half days.

Anyway ... I feel for her and hope her day goes great. I put to Susie...this is the first day that it's just been me and Andy.

Of course, I've got more company planned for today than I did the entire week after he was born.

Mattie Gee's probably coming over. The only cool company I've got planned.

My mother in law wants to bring a friend of hers over to check the baby out. I have a feeling she doesn't have faith in me watching the baby, because it's her job the rest of the month to watch him.

And then...of course...the nosey next door neighbor from Hell has promised a special cameo appearance sometime today to make sure I haven't drowned the baby.

Thanks lady. Lord knows I'm a simple lad.


Two hours later...I just realized I never uploaded this ...

I walked away when the baby got fussy and then had to do all my morning routines thing.

Susie's gone ... now it's up to me to sit and stare at Andy for eight hours.

The challenge is ON!

See ya later, friends. Sorry this wasn't more ummmmm...interesting.


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