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10:20:00 - 2000-11-08



humma zim cuppa loo.

he shubba kamma boo.


...Oops. Sorry. One of those nights.

I love this kid with all my heart. I tell him that several times a day. I also try to drill into his head that sleeping ALL night is really a pretty cool thing.

...I just wish he'd take my word for it and give it a shot.

I got up at 12:30 and tried to rock him to sleep.

He slept until 12:45.

I got up at 4:15 to try and rock him to sleep.

He slept until 4:45.

He is SUCH a mama's boy. Her voice, her skin, her BOOBS...he's just sold on her.

He likes me just fine. I walk him around the house and let him check everything out.

But he just isn't happy if mama isn't near.

He's so cool though. So I can let it slide.


I went back to work yesterday. My deal is that I have two weeks off to take care of my family, but I'll go in on Tuesdays and help push the newspaper to the other side of deadline.

Now THAT was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

When I got to work, the first thing I saw was Andrew's picture big as day on my computer's desktop.

I wanted to cry. Something as stupid as my son's picture on my desktop almost had me boo-hooing in the workplace. I thought about him all day long as I tossed the paper together. I got home and warned Susie...if I could get choked up at work after only having him home for two days ... just imagine how tough it's going to be for her when she goes back to work in three months, leaving him in the care of a stranger.

Anyway ... we're just going to cherish every moment with him and take it one step at a time.


I didn't vote.

Neither candidate (you can't count the lunatic fringe) moved me enough to send me to the voting polls. You've got a former pothead going up against a former cokehead. Naturally, I side with the pothead, because I'm pretty down on cokeheads. I never have liked cokeheads. Most of them are annoying pieces of shit. I've had friends that turned into cokeheads and have successfully helped wean those friends off the coke ... to the best of my knowledge anyway. That's the thing with cocaine ... most cokeheads do it so privately that it's hard to notice that they've done coke ... especially if you can overlook their jumpy, sniffling, obnoxious attitudes.

So ... yeah...I didn't vote.

But if I had, I woulda voted for Gore.

Why?? Because my mother-in-law voted for Bush.

My mother-in-law is a die-hard republican. She hangs on Rush Limbaugh's every word and is willing to drop everything to submerge herself into a heated discussion about politics with anyone ... she just WON'T listen to anyone's opinion but her own.

Basically ... you don't want to talk politics with her, because her extreme beliefs are right and everyone else is wrong.

She said the other day if Gore was to be elected president, by the end of his term we'll all be forced to ride bicycles everywhere and speak Chinese.

...And she was SERIOUS...

Which...if she's right...that'd be kinda cool because it would fulfill my lifelong fantasy of becoming a neighborhood Chinese food delivery guy.


So this is the first time in modern days when the presidential election went into overtime.

I guess maybe I shoulda voted after all and been the tiebreaker. Then we could finally get rid of all this political crap on TV.

I shirked my civic duties and now the country has to suffer a recount.

I'm sorry America.


Another local girl has died in a car wreck because she was speeding, lost control of her car and crashed into a tree.

She was 17 years old.

Kids ... take it easy on the roads. Cars are not toys, you have to be responsible when you use them. Uncle Bob loves ya and wants you to come back.


Our city here is not exactly a musical hotbed. Concerts are few and far between and good concerts are rare.

Tomorrow night, Charlie Daniels will be performing at a benefit concert here. Herman's Hermits are coming in February and Quiet Riot just played here a few months ago.

Does that tell you anything?

So when it was announced that Elton John was coming to town, the local media went nuts. Everyone said this was the biggest concert in Montgomery since Elvis came through in 1976.

Presley. Not Costello.

Tickets for Elton John went on sale Saturday morning. A line stretched all the way through the Coliseum's parking lot to buy the tickets.

He STILL hasn't sold out the show. Granted, I didn't buy tickets ... I've got a kid and can't make the show. I probably wouldn't go if I didn't have a kid. I haven't paid for concert tickets in years, they've always been given to me for the last ten years or so. Plus, I'm just not into concerts anymore. I think the last one I actually attended was Counting Crows w/ the Wallflowers and that was back in '97 or '98. And we left four songs into the Crows because we were tired. kinda sucks that my city can't even support an artist like Elton John when concerts of this magnitude only come our way once every 25 years.

I've been piddling with this entry for over an hour...watching the news, tickling the baby...I'm gonna go tickle the baby some more.

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