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1:38 p.m. - 2001-12-17


It's a dark and stormy afternoon.

I love these types of days. I could sit and watch rain all day long. kinda what I've been doing for the last few minutes.

I've turned off my fluorescent office lights in the ceiling and turned on a lamp in my office. Outside it's almost dark as night and according to the local weather channel, we're about to get a batch of nasty thunderstorms moving through the area.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Been kind of a boring non-eventful day today.

Went mall walking at lunch. Nothing of excitement going on there.

I've been halfway working on a story for the Philadelphia Phillies today. Did I tell you I interviewed the CEO of the Phillies last week? Nice guy. His secretary had the manners of a pitbull, but he was a really nice guy. Multi-millionaire too. My evil boss Wendi told me I needed to butter him up from now until I go to Philly later on next summer so that he'll get me some tickets to a game and I can sit in his big VIP box or something.

Wouldn't THAT be awesome?

Even if you don't like baseball...I hear they have strippers up there who feed you peanut butter straight out of the jar and then they chew up fried chicken and spit it directly into your mouth so you don't have to waste any energy chewing it.

Man. I can't wait.


If you get an email that starts off like this...ignore it...

"I'm copying everyone in my address book regarding the file: sulfnbk.exe Thanks Grandma Gloria for informing me. I did find this file and deleted it. I don't know what it is or was but got rid of it.... You can do a search from the start menu to find out if you have it and then right click on it and delete. Then go to the recycle bin and delete again.


Basically, it's saying that you have a virus entitled sulfnbk.exe.


Everyone has this program. From what I understand ... SULFNBK.EXE is a Microsoft Windows utility that is used to restore long file names.

I've received the email twice in the last week saying people had sent me a virus. A girl at work today (Hello Angela!!) sent the email out to everyone in the office today. She's in the office next to mine, so I sauntered in there and told her she was an idiot. She hurriedly sent out a retraction, but it was too late. Everyone started giving her hell about it.

Ah well.

So don't pay no attention to it.


Ignore it, baby.

Four more days after today and it's vacation time for me.

I have not had 11 days off in a row in over 20 years.

When Andy was born, I worked one day a week for two weeks. So I had 12 days off with two days working inserted in there. But this time will be 11 straight days off.


Hot in-law news!!

Apparently, the in-laws won't be coming to town next Wednesday as planned. They've moved back their time to "probably" Friday.

...Which is the day we leave for South Carolina...

So...they can't stay at our house because we'll already be gone and we refuse to leave any of the relatives a key for just this type of occasion.

So they HAVE to stay at Grandma's or Susie's brother's house until we get back into town.

Which we won't be back until late Sunday night ... if I can help it. The later the better.

Then, they'll all converge on our house Monday-Thursday.

Or will they???

Susie talked to her sister last night and put her foot down saying "some" of them can stay here.

I was shocked that my wife finally grew a ball or two.

Apparently, she's let her sister know that not all eight of them can stay here...maybe half of them can...the rest have to stay at Grandma's or Uncle David's.

Which means....WHEEEEEEEE!!!

Sure, they'll still be 19 people in my house every night for four nights, eating all my food, screwing up my computer, breaking my Play Station and blaming everyone but themselves for it, keeping me from watching whatever I want on TV, throwing fireworks at my dog and baby, stealing money out of my kid's piggy bank (I take that back...Susie's making sure that she removes all the money from his piggy bank. She said she "trusts" her nephews around it, but doesn't want to "tempt" them. I told her flat out, I don't trust ANY of them). won't be for ten'll only be for four days.

Because they're going to be going to visit my brother-in-law's father in North Alabama from Thursday-Sunday and then head back to Texas.

So ten days pared down to four days is cool with me.

That should give them just enough time to smell up my house like ass and unwashed, cheesy feet before they leave.

I can deal with that. Stanley Steamer's still in business...they can clean it up.

It's been suggested by the Edweird that I need to post pics of the family on the page.

Which means, I've gotta get a Gold Membership.

Which I've been putting off for long enough anyway.

So I've gotta do that within the next few days and maybe make Andrew's holiday season a wee bit brighter.

Alright, this pain and torture has gone on long enough. I tried to lead you to believe that I had a real exciting diary entry here and I don't.

It sucks.

So I'm ending it right here, right now. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.


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