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17:42:55 - 2000-02-14



Subject: Get Viagra Here!! (238542)

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 07:11:07 -0400 (EDT)

Hugh Hefner uses it and LOVES it, even though he doesn't NEED it.

Now you can use Viagra in the safety of your own home,RECREATIONALLY.

Click below to order some now, and you won't be sorry. Your partner will love you for it, that much I know personally.

Viagra is something that everyone should try at least once.

Even women! Ladies, Viagra works for YOU too. REALLY.

Just click below, and watch your sex life SKYROCKET!!


Hey Kimmie,

Hugh Hefner turns down the type of women that wouldn't give me a second look if I was naked and on fire. If I had an endless list of fine assed women knocking on my door wanting to hump me so I will help them start a B-movie career, you're damned skippy I'd want in on your little Viagra scam.

By the way, you make Viagra sound like it's a chainsaw. "You can now use Viagra in the safety of your own home." Thank God I no longer have to screw down at the laboratory under several video camera's watchful lenses when I take Viagra.

My partner doesn't DESERVE my rock hard willie for six to eight hours. Who really wants to spend their day humping anyway? I mean sure...if cable's out, I guess a fuck-a-thon wouldn't be out of the question. But other than that...thanks, but I have what they call in Germany "das life".

And if you're trying to tell me Viagra works on women, you're fucking insane. Don't you think I see the news??? Women will fucking DIE if they take Viagra and you have the nerve to try to force some on my wife. I may have fallen off the turnip truck, hit my head and had amnesia for several years ...but it didn't happen yesterday, sweetie cakes.

The only way my sex life is ever going to skyrocket is if you morons would quit sending me this Viagra email shit so I don't have to sit here and waste my time writing back to you when I could be giving my wife a ride on the Amazing Humping Pecker for about ten minutes before "The Wonder Years" comes on. That Paul Pfeiffer...whatta hoot.


Harry P.Ness

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