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5:30 a.m. - 2001-11-29


As much as it pains me to do so ... I have to (sigh)....lemme hurry up and get this over goes...givemadpropstoGawain.

He said Morpheus rocked. So I downloaded it on my computer at work which has a choice T1 line connection.

Everything I tried to download wouldn't connect.

I felt like I was back on Napster.

I managed to get a picture of Kid Rock on The Simpsons and a 20 second video clip of when wrestling star Sid Vicious broke his leg during a televised match.

That was it.

So last night I'm about to go to bed and I thought...well hell...go ahead and download this Morpheus thing at home.

(If you want to download it, click the Gawain link above. It is imperative that you have AT LEAST a cable connection or you'll be on line until Tuesday to download a song)

I downloaded it.

Now what?

Well, I thought I'd do a find for "Monsters, Inc."

Sure enough...the movie's online.

I began downloading the thing and went to bed.

Got up this morning, "Monsters, Inc." is on my computer now.

I watched the first five minutes. I got the eerie feeling I was in an old theater watching a dimly lit porno movie except my woody stays snugly in my pants for some odd reason. It's obvious how this is done...somebody smuggles a camcorder into a theater and tapes the movie. It certainly isn't DVD quality, but I wasn't really expecting that.

Still, it is pretty cool that you can watch any movie you want ("Harry Potter" anyone?) as many times as you want rather than go pay eight bucks a head to sit in a theater with a buncha anthrax-spreading punk ass bitches. paranoia's starting to get worse.

So now I'm downloading "Jeepers Creepers" and "Joyride"...two movies I wanted to see earlier this summer but never did because I've decided to never grace a movie screen again because I have a three-disc DVD player and an assload of PATIENCE when movies come out. I can WAIT until the DVD comes out.


I take some of that back. Apparently, you STILL can't watch "Girls Gone Wild".


Morpheus sucks.

(Not really. I just need to learn how to use it. And once somebody puts "Girls Gone Wild" up, I'll be the happiest sonofabitch online)

Got the news on my car.

My timing belt slipped as I drove down the Bypass yesterday which would explain why my car went all Hookie Wookie.

Plus, I needed a new Water Pump. Both were put on my car in about an hour's time and I could keep chug chug chugging down the boulevard.

That made me happy. When I found out the news I went "Heeeeeee!! Hoobie Joobie Kaloobie Dooooo!!"

...Mainly because I had a mouthful of yogurt when I got the news.

We went to Applebee's last night because we were feeling good in our neighborhood or whatever the hell that jingle says we should feel.

Andrew had never been to Applebee's so he was fascinated by the wide array of crap they've got all over their walls. He remained quiet with a big dimpled grin on his face the whole time. He got lots of compliments from other diners as well as wait staff who couldn't possibly have been fishing for tips because they didn't even wait on us. Our own waiter didn't say much about the kid other than "Does it want crayons?"

No...IT doesn't. IT wants a tin can to chew on.

Christ. Don't treat my baby like it's the star of cult classic "It's Alive!"

We then went to Walmart (Home of Low Low Prices as well as Low Low Rent Customers) to pick up Andrew's portrait package.

The pics turned out pretty good.

Except's not even worth bitching about.

It' I'm not going to bitch about it.

Alright dragged it out of me. But remember, YOU wanted to know...

The kid has this shock of hair behind his right ear. It's a clump of hair that just goes everywhere. It's longer than all the rest of his hair and is basically unmanageable.

And it's highly visible in every picture we had taken of him.

You can't see it in the fuzzy, blurry digital pictures that I posted a few weeks ago. that I look at that first picture...yes you can.

Anyway...that hair drives me nuts. I'd cut it, but it's the longest of any of his hair.

You know what...this diary entry's going nowhere fast. I'm getting pissed because I'm downloading movies that have no picture, my wife refuses to get out of bed after I've told her to do so three times now, and the dog wants to be petted VERY badly.


Will write more later. You can bet yer sweet ass I will.

Gay do you know which movies will actually work and which ones will only give you sound?

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