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6:03 a.m. - 2002-02-18


So last night we have this Chili supper thing at church.

I'm not a big fan of the chili that the guys make at church. Basically, it's chunky tomato soup. And I'm not exactly sure on what all the chunks are.

There's something green in there. I thought it was celery, but it doesn't taste like celery. It's not green pepper or a jalapeno. I'm beginning to think it's one of two things ... something scraped off of somebody's shoe or smegma.

The best part about the supper was it wore. Andrew. Out.

After dinner, this kid walked all over the church, checking out every nook and cranny in the place because he can walk now and it's possible for him to check out every nook and cranny.

He even managed to find the time to flirt with some chicks at church. Sure, it's a bit sacreligious to hit on women at son's the Antichrist. Get over it.

"Go ahead dude! Ask 'em to dance!"

Here's a rare photo of he and his best friend Ethan, doing what they like doing best...eating.

Yes...Ethan's nose is permanently clogged with boogers. I don't understand it. Andrew gets a cold now and then and boogers tend to be a problem. But love him and all but the kid is a human snot factory.

My buddy Dave, who was in charge of cooking all the chili made the usual announcement after dinner that there was chili for sale for anyone that wanted some. Five bucks for a container.

I had told Susie before we got to church that we wouldn't be buying any. My chili runs circles around this green foreign object chili and plus we had so many leftovers in the fridge already, the chili would go to waste.

Dave cornered me after dinner.

"How much chili you want?" he said, holding his hand out.

So I'm now the proud owner of two containers of chili that I don't need.

My boy Mattie Gee of the world renowned band The Spicolis called me to tell me that the band got a gig opening for a legend in the music industry next week.

"Elton John?" I asked.


"Bob Dylan?"


"James Brown?"

I could sense Mattie Gee shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

He finally broke down and told me who they were opening for.

















...Tone Loc.

Yep...the king of "Wild Thing". The master of the "Funky Cold Medina".

A true legend in the music industry.

And my boy Mattie and the rockingest rollingest band in the land The Spicolis are opening for him in Auburn, Alabama next week at the Blue Room. I think that's the name of the place.

AND...if they play their cards right...if they do their job and rock the house like no other...there's a's a slim chance right now and I don't wanna jinx it...but there's a chance that the boys could be opening for ... Kool Moe Dee next.

I'll keep you informed of all the gossip right 'chere.

Did I mention how much I hate Mondays?

No...I did I mention it?

Well then...I hate Mondays.

That's it for me. I've got a buncha stuff to do this morning and not enough time to do it.

Take care, young Jedis.

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