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1:00 p.m. - 2003-05-03


Alright...fine...there's no hot nude teens here. Never have been and never will be.

BUT...there are some worthy causes for you to look into in case you're in a generous mood and want to help out your fellow man.

And seriously ... what the hell are you doing trying to find hot nude teens anyway? Don't you know that's against the law?

Big Canoe is looking to help put an end to cancer.

You can read her diary explanation and find out why this is important to her and then go here to donate.

Save Craig, the only guy who updates every hour (or at least it seems that way), is looking to raise money for breast cancer too.

He's got some very personal reasons for fighting this disease as you will find out upon reading his site. He'll get you connected to all the right links if you can donate something to his cause.

I received an email from Faith this week who shared her own story in hopes that others can help her out.

Here's the email:

"My hubby went through layoff after layoff post 9/11. He is a machinist in the oil tool industry, one of the industries hit hard in late 2001. Domestic off shore oil rigs are shutting down whenever there is a high threat for terrorist attacks but this rarely makes the news....while Enron employees get aid packages, as do airline workers, these people do not. Our county, with a high population of these workers, faced record high unemployment figures and record low donations to food banks and other aid programs.

It took over a month before he received his first unemployment check (and by then was back to work, so the unemployement stopped). We faced weeks at a time where the only income we had was what I made as a jewelry designer (you know that ain't much). We were luckier than many of our neighbors who had to rely on these scraped down to the bottom of the barrel foodbanks. The church we attended before we moved to Houston (several hours south of here and which my parents still attend), helped us enormously with food and even some bill paying.

And this link is for them.

Hubby is back to work now. He is making half as much, so we are struggling, but we can afford to pay our bills and feed our family....which is better than many of our neighbors. We also donate to our local food banks, as well as the one in San Antonio that assisted us, on a regular basis.

Then I found this quote, posted it in my own blog, and got an enormous response about it. Could I add merchandise with that quote to my product line (besides jewelry, I do embellished purses, and the like)?

That didn't seem right to me (when you read the quote you will see why). This wasn't the place for me to make money.

But it would be the place to raise money for all of these South Texas foodbanks that are struggling so much. So here it is. I turned the infamous quote into a simple graphic file and slapped it on some Cafe Press merchandise. All the profits go to the food banks and assistance programs.

I could never make up how much they helped us, but maybe with this link I can come close.

Namaste Designs

I caught some flack last week for some of the plugs I've posted here. People felt they weren't worthy of plugging.

All I can say is ... maybe on your site, they're not.

But this is my site.

I'm not twisting anyone's arm to do anything here. You don't even have to read this site, let alone contribute money to the causes I list.

I'm just trying to do what I can do to help others who need help.

And like Jerry Lewis, who refuses to discuss why he helps kids with Muscular Dystrophy, I don't feel like I need to give a reason as to why I help people here.

So there you go.

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