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5:40 a.m. - 2003-09-10


Instead of reading anything here today, why don't you take the time to go sift through some of the archives of Chrome Magnum Man who passed away yesterday.

Several people who were closer to Scott than I was have shared their stories about him. Chief among those were Trinity, Gawain Anenigma and Bisa Pet.

He and I exchanged emails over the past few years and when I went through my email archive this morning, I only had his last email in there. Everything else had been trashed.

I'm going to share it with you all to show what a passionate guy he was.

And no...I'm not talking "romantically" either. Gah.

Hey there Uncle Booby. Been a long time since I've e-mailed you, but judging by the lovin you get on a regular basis I'm more then sure you aren't missing out.

But I did want to bring something to your attention....of course its something I wrote because hey I'm all about getting the word out about me right now.

Someone else wants to do it...hell let them do it I'm to tired to be petitioning for others right now.


So being a constant reader of your diary I can see the virtue of you keeping away from such a hot topic as is this war. So many readers you can't please them all without going middle of the road or not talk about your opinions on this war.

Well then let me direct you to this.

That would be my diary entry summing up the reasons why I can be anti-war and sick of Bush, but still be "pro-american".

Now I bring this to your attention for two reasons. One I know you are way to busy to keep up with all your reader's own diaries so you have no time to see my incoherent rambling on a semi-daily basis. And two because if you have the same sentiments about all this as I do...what better way to get your point across then let someone else to do it. You can just agree with it without actually having to go into details yourself. Meaning all the pro-war people looking to start a argument at a drop of a hat if you so much as slight this war at all really can't say much when all you are doing is saying "this guy makes a good point."

Ok so is it obvious I'm cheaply pimping myself out to you for a possible diary link?

Yeah I'm not so good with being "subtle" at seven in the morning.

Anyways if you do agree with what I say and so choose to make mention of it...I'd apreciate it, but not really expecting you to do it. that I'm done pimping myself out like a five dollar crack whore with a fifty percent off coupon I'll be off finding other means to degrade myself.


I didn't post that link.

I guess because it didn't fit in with stories about my in-laws or the kids on my street or Andrew's latest discovery.

So I guess it only makes sense to post Chrome's thoughts on the war now.

Chrome loved writing for an audience.

I checked his site meter this morning and it's ironic that the day he died he got more hits than ever before.

A part of me thinks that he would get a kick out of the irony in that.

Tomorrow is September 11th. A day that will cause many of us to stop and pause and remember.

But today, let's remember the Chrome Magnum Man.

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