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6:41 a.m. - 2003-10-03


I know that I join the rest of the world which is in utter shock over the rumor that Courtney Love has overdosed and may, in fact, be a (gasp!) drug addict.

The only silver lining to this dark cloud is that it may be a "possible" drug overdose according to the article.

It may not be a drug overdose.

Maybe it's just a really bizarre allergic reaction to dairy products or something.

Whatever it was, it caused Courtney to bash in four of her "friend"'s windows.

Courtney lends a lot of credence to the old adage "With friends like that, who needs drug addicted washed-up rock star/former prostitutes?"

It's just so hard for me to swallow, because when I look at Courtney Love, I don't see a drug addict.

I see a beautiful flower just waiting to blossom.

You know...after it scores a couple of grams of Columbian snot blot and dumps her kid off on the nearest street corner for the evening.

I really hope that if this "possible" drug overdose is scrutinized and tested and is determined to, in fact, be an "authentic" drug overdose that Courtney gets her ducks in a row and seeks help.

Lord knows my life isn't complete without a few more CDs of her screeching and howling like a grizzly struggling to pry his penis out of a rusted bear trap.

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