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4:11 p.m. - 2007-03-09


Hey kids!

How about one of those ultra-rare late Friday afternoon entries that nobody will really read because they're getting ready to leave work and won't be around a computer as much all weekend?

Good God.

If I talked like I typed, people would think I was clinically insane.


So anyway ...

Kind of a slow week here around zee House O' Bobbo.

I can't believe that little Sanjaya mutt is still in American Idol.

I about burst a blood vessel when they said Sundance was going home. Granted, the kid hasn't had a good week since he made it to Hollywood in my humblest of humble opinions, but at least he has talent.

Then I remembered Vote For The Worst which is really kind of a cool idea that has GOT to make Simon Cowell furious.

And so now I'm kinda all "Yeah ... let's screw with Simon's head a bit and keep sending this Sanjaya kid further."

God bless America.

And its Idols.

Took Andrew back to the therapist yesterday for round two of "How Much Can We Shove Into Your Mouth Before You Try To Bite This Lady's Fingers Off?"

I'm not happy about this therapist at all.

And I truly thank all of you who left comments on the subject in my last entry.

I don't read the comments much anymore because they tend to just piss me off more than not.

But there was some very good points made there recently and I sat and read them to Susie last night.

And now we're both kinda thinking "Does he REALLY need this therapy?"

I ordered him a DVD called "It's Time To Eat!" today which is a $20 DVD of little kids eating fruits and veggies.

Is this going to work?

Hell if I know.

But it's worth a try.

The kid has issues and I'm not sugar-coating those in any way.

The therapist says they're sensory issues and that his brain is telling him that he can't take big bites of things and that certain textures are going to hurt him.

Or something like that.

Honestly, I have a hard time listening to her as my son screams his head off over a dab of peanut butter on his tongue.

So I'm leaning towards just riding the storm out without the help of the therapist and letting Andrew slowwwwwly discover new foods on his own.

He had his yearly check-up on Wednesday and the doctor said he was a very healthy kid.

So what's to worry about?

We're going to talk about it more this weekend (Susie and I) and then on Thursday we have a conference with the therapist without Andrew there and I'm grilling the therapist as to how these unorthodox methods of hers manage to provide results.

Is "provide" the right word to use there?

Holy shit ... I can't write worth a crap today.

Bought "Borat" this week but haven't watched it yet.

I'm sure I'll be disappointed. I always am when a movie is hailed as the funniest thing since the dawn of time.

Okay look ... this entry is going absolutely nowhere.

I just saw "DIARYLAND MEMBERS AREA" in my bookmarks and thought "Andrew's playing in his sandbox ... I'm going to write an entry!"

And this hardly constitutes an entry.

Sorry for boring you.

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