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5:32 a.m. - 2007-03-23


News on Andrew's eating therapy.

We had a long talk last week with his therapist and I laid it out on the line with her.

1) I didn't like the way she was doing things and wanted her to give me a success ratio of her methods which she couldn't do because she doesn't really keep track of things like that (at least she was honest).

2) I told her it crossed my mind to end it all while I watched her force feed my kid. She said plenty of parents have done so and if I wanted to do that, feel free to do so because she's got several dozen people waiting for our spot.

3) Bottom line ... she gets results and respect. Andrew won't be scarred for life because it's her doing it and not us. It's like if he got a series of rabies shots ... he wouldn't hate me ... he'd hate the doctor. And if he never had to go back to that doctor again, eventually he'd forget all about the doctor.

My analogy ... not hers.

So we went back for therapy this week and she took my concerns into consideration and never force fed him.

She just held the turkey and swiss cheese in front of him and said "Put it in your mouth".

And he did.

Gagged a bit.

But he ate it all.

Afterwards he was allowed to swing and play and roll around.

He gave her a hug and a kiss and told her he loved her after the therapy.

So it's not nearly as bad as it was two weeks ago.

Therefore, no proverbial caps have been busted in nobody's asses.


I found out that I've got an honest-to-God semi-celebrity serving as a groomsman in one of my upcoming weddings this year.

For those of you who watch "Survivor", the guy was in two seasons of it a while back.

Went by the name of Bobby Jon.

You know him?

Ring a bell?

Anyway, I'm stoked. It's not like I'm a huge Bobby Jon fan, but I love the show (except for the current season ... boring).

I hope I can act like a professional and not like the little crying girl on "American Idol" whom I couldn't find a photo of. So just imagine a little 10 year-old girl bawling her eyes out for no reason whatsoever.

Speaking of "Idol", it's official ... I have Sanjaya fever.

While I've said the guy sucked in previous weeks, I'm now jumping on the bandwagon and doing everything I can to make sure he wins.

("Everything I can" meaning that I really hope he wins. I don't call and vote or anything. I basically just go to bed and dream of a world where Sanjaya is the New King of Pop. I do this without masturbating.)

I'm still jamming out like a madman to Brandi Carlile's "The Story".

It's really weird ... normally I listen to a variety of music. But I find myself listening to just this song over and over again.

I'm starting to get sick of it.

This is like some weird kind of Chinese torture, if in fact Chinese people are still big into torture.

At one time they were.

I'd say in the late 90s or so.

They were all torturing the shit outta people back then.

I have no idea if they do it now.

But if they did, I'm starting to think a good tactic for them to use would be to put "The Story" on repeat until a guy broke and confessed to whatever Chinese people can get away with over there in China.

They're a pretty civilized country over there and they don't let their people get away with much.

But when they do ... ho boy ... get ready for some mind-blowing torture, Hop Sing!

That's it for me today.

Just felt like I owed you guys something this morning.

Oh ... and since now I'm such a freakin' genius at putting You Tube videos here, please enjoy one of my most favorite You Tube videos ever.

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