sarah - 2004-03-31 08:44:39
i've been waiting all morning for an entry. a book?! yeeeee haaaaaw!! i can't wait.
SillyRed - 2004-03-31 08:59:56
UB- is it the book that Pamie, Allison Lowe-Huff, Defective Yetti, Dooce, and others have already been pimping?
Uncle Bob - 2004-03-31 09:07:13
Dammit! They're already pimping the book?!? I was told to keep quiet until we were given the go-ahead! I know Pamie's involved but I honestly don't know who the other people are. I ... uhhhh ... I don't read many online journals.
SR - 2004-03-31 09:11:45
Yeah, Pamie pimped it first. And she mentioned you specifically. Al wrote a whole entry on it, and Dooce has it on her sidebar now. And the publisher, editors, compliers people have it listed who is in the book as well. And I am waiting for my copy to arrive in my mailbox. But, congrats! I am sure, with you involved it will awesome!
tracy - 2004-03-31 09:16:18
Yeah you! Congrats on the book.
Al - 2004-03-31 09:18:30
UB, we got the go ahead to put the word out starting on 3/29. So, fire up your army and sell some books!
Colleen - 2004-03-31 10:01:18
Alright, Congradulations on the book. I am def. going to get it...
EV - 2004-03-31 10:54:53
A new book for my bathroom!!! There really is nothing I wanted more than the ability to enjoy Uncle Bob while on the toilet. YAY! Congratulations. I am sure it will be a huge success.
Suzanne - 2004-03-31 12:05:49
Uncle Bob... One of my dreams in life is to sing Paradise by the Dashboard Light, but I have never found anyone who has the balls to sing it with me. If I come to your neck 'o the woods will you sing it with me? You could make all my humble dreams come true. BTW, how do you feel about Neil Diamond's You Don't Bring Me Flowers?
andrea - 2004-03-31 13:15:59
I hate it when my testicles swell.
Blast From the Past - 2004-03-31 16:59:42
* If I ever have a baby, that kid is going to be toilet trained before he comes home from the hospital. Because I hear that's one of the toughest parts, the toilet training. Whatever school he has to attend to learn how to hold his shit, that's fine. I will pay. —Uncle Bob
Dave G. - 2004-03-31 21:25:11
What? No "Planet Claire"?
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