cosmicrayola - 2005-01-06 09:02:33
Best one? Picking Andrew up at day care.
ANdy - 2005-01-06 09:18:33
Yea, the great wall of china is one of Natures greatest wonders....
yves - 2005-01-06 09:28:28
You should check out C'est Arrivé Près de Chez Vous (aka Man Bites Dog); a hilarious film about a serial killer who is followed by a camera crew while he "takes care" of elderlies and children. It was HUGE in Belgium (and far beyond) in '92! Further, I have never been freaked out more than when I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 80s version with Sutherland sr.) and The Thing at the age of 8.
yves - 2005-01-06 09:38:19
Though, if we could receive these channels over here, I think FoxNews and CourtTV would provide enough "scenes" to make me sick every single day.
tracy - 2005-01-06 09:39:37
ANdy, I was thinking the same thing.... Yves, Man Bites Dog was fantastic.
Lori - 2005-01-06 10:32:26
My boss turned me on to Man Bites Dog. I loved that movie. And yes, I think that the Great Wall is one of Nature's Wonder too. Heh
Megan - 2005-01-06 10:38:32
I thought I was the only person to have ever seen "I Spit on Your Grave." You're right, that's one disturbing movie.
luxlust - 2005-01-06 13:04:13
Those are some very discrptive and enlihgtening answers there, i feel like i really know you now Bob, the diarreah one was the most helpful. P.s. I can't spell for schmit!
Brandi - 2005-01-06 13:04:45
Since when was the Great Wall of China one of "Nature's wonders"? The last time I checked, it was made by men. Perhaps you were thinking of the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls...? And personally, I think the most horrific thing I've seen in a movie is Tom Cruise's underwear dance in Risky Buisiness. My mental retinas are still burning with that image.
luxlust - 2005-01-06 13:08:43
Here is my real link, i am oxygen deprived today! You are my breakfast treat UB!
Karrie - 2005-01-06 16:12:31
I have to say.."I'm Sorry & Sad for you that people ask you such idiotic questions! They need to get to the real questions in life...Like...What's the expiration date on the carton of milk in your fridge..what's the oldest piece of meat in your freezer...and how many times in a day do you touch your nose? Now those are important questions. :)
ScottyP - 2005-01-06 16:44:16
I liked the questions and their answers. Then again, I like generic mac & cheese and marathon viewings of "Full House," so who am I to judge?
Jamie - 2005-01-06 18:54:07
whoa, whoa... you interviewed Ray Charles? Thats so cool! Maybe I missed that one...?
schmuck - 2005-01-06 19:49:15
When I read "blood instead of urine" my first thought went to your job. Then I slapped myself in the forehead and realized it was probably ... the other thing that it is.
Bec - 2005-01-06 20:07:30
Yeah, so the Great Wall isn't a natural phenomenon. The person who asked that question probably only asked so you would answer, "I'd want front row seats to the tsunami." And then they could tell you what an awful prick you are. But I don't think that. Always depend on the backstabbing of strangers...
Squeakster - 2005-01-07 10:03:24
Appaling. That you would have a threesome with your Mom's best friend and sister then embarrass them by snitching. Wait! Did I read that wrong or did it just sound like that?
holycannoli - 2005-01-08 17:52:48
am I the only one who thinks BRANDI's a big square?
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