me - 2006-02-13 07:38:05
FIRST! haha i win... but feel better, ub
Elisha - 2006-02-13 08:44:13
How funny, I just watched Waiting last night too. I never heard of that for some reason so I never saw the trailers, therefore it was kinda amusing to me. My friends just rented it so I watched- it's definately one of those movies I wouldn't pay to watch. Head colds are the worst. They're not big enough a deal to go to the doctor and get some meds, but big enough to make your whole body feel like crap. Don't get Tylenol Cold/Flu. It doesn't help at all.
Nightmare - 2006-02-13 08:49:26
Yeah well I'll bless your cold if you bless mine. I actually lived the movie "waiting" so I'm pretty sure that I don't need to see it. Remember if you are an asshole to the waitstaff at a restaurant you will never know how much "extra" stuff gets added to your plate. What you think is food is really just germs and mice shit.
Jan Brady - 2006-02-13 10:03:01
I HATE IT WHEN U.B. IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whinerhater - 2006-02-13 10:21:17
Zinc, dearest UB. James Lilek's swears by it. Fill yourself up with juice and chicken soup and press on. Or, let's just wait to see what Calm Canuck has to say, since s/he obviously knows everything....
Xtra stuff - 2006-02-13 10:51:56
I work in a restaurant and it is true! I once brought back (I am a server) a chicken fried steak that a very hefty lady complained about , the cook threw it on the floor and kicked it down the line, which is disgusttingly full of every gross thing you can imagine, went down to retrieve it and kicked it back down to the other end, put it on a plate, doused it with gravy and brought it out to her........... she ate it! Be very careful not to upset your wait staff.
barb - 2006-02-13 11:44:40
2 Words DAY QUIL Hope you feel better real soon! PS ~ Going to Hawaii on Saturday. I will miss you UB!
Libragirl - 2006-02-13 18:56:10
I have had a sinus infection since November. Don't go whining about a baby head cold and some nasty icky stuff in the nose. Until it's been happening for 3-4 months, you ain't got nuttin. Feel better Being sick sucks ass.
DanjerusKurves - 2006-02-14 11:08:50
Ooh, lookit, it's a cloud of cold germs loosely held together in the shape of a human being! . . . so, why DO people insist on *catching* colds? you'd think they would deliberately drop them!!
vitamin c - 2006-02-14 13:18:16
Feel better ya big baby.
Squeakzilla - 2006-02-14 13:34:48
Antibiotics. I know a cold is a virus infection, but somehow antibiotics bring me back from a cold or flu everytime. It could be the laxative side effect, who knows? Maybe it works by killing everthing else in my bodys petrie dish at the time. Forget what they say about using antibiotics uneccessarily. The needs of "the one" sometimes outweigh the needs of the many!
Ant - 2006-02-14 18:24:16
Using antibiotics is pretty unneccessary for a freaking cold! Suck it up you pick baby!
Ant - 2006-02-14 18:24:33
Using antibiotics is pretty unneccessary for a freaking cold! Suck it up you big baby!
rube - 2006-02-14 18:27:21
Taking antibiotics is pretty unneccessary for a freaking cold! You're gonna go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics cause you have a cold? Suck it up you big baby.
karen - 2007-03-30 23:47:13
Dude, the thing about Waiting is how TRUE it is. My sister works at the Cheese, and you'd think a children's place would be calmer than a bar. Especially since she transfered stores and no longer works at a dry county. :D

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